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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
yeah ... but how do you join there ?

Tyoe in password , must be 6 characters at least and numbers recommended

so I abcdef ( thats 6 charcters ) and x x ( thats 2 numbers ) ( they are not the actual letters and numbers I used, it was a name and numbers )

your password is weak , ( not processed ) choose another

right then ! abcdefghijk xxx - your password is weak , ( not processed )

RIGHT THEN ! abcdeffedcbac xx xx x - your password is average ... but , not processed


absdefgnghtyidenryikhemfgjklw xxxxxxxxxxxx - your password is 'STRONG"

not processed .

I give up !
Most of these replacement forums are having huge traffic increases right now, and I think the glitches are mostly because of that. Patience, grasshopper! Lol at least one has really long load times on pages too, though I can't recall which because I have so many tabs open at the moment.
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