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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
Another option is to decamp to one of the many forums that are being created now, with Obsydian's (sp?) being the best candidate for this, from what I've seen. That forum seems the most ready to create new sections as needed and they're also looking for moderators.
I agree that a moderator will have the most influence on the success of a Thoth transition. Where is this discussion where she is asking for new moderators?

I think it would be important to have one that's "one of us" to try and preserve the freedom we had here, although I myself wasn't planning on moderating anything any more. This isn't to say I didn't love doing it, quite the contrary, but with AT shutting down I feel it's time to bow out gracefully.
Are you sure you would not reconsider? Especially if we transition to a brand new forum? An untried administration might be more willing to take us on with an experienced moderator in tow. Maybe for a while longer?

We could approach Obsydian asking for a Thoth forum and install a mod of our own, should anyone wish to take it on. If it should be filled with AT people, a Thoth forum is very little work, a few minutes a day (some days nor even that), and I could be available to help in a non-official capacity.
We have just had another invite, is this one still viable?
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