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Originally Posted by Dogs&Coffee View Post
Hey Everyone!

Holly from Tarotsphere here

I can't speak for the other forums, as I've been up to my ears between work and setting up a new forum to check them out, but I'd be over the moon and honored to host Thoth Enthusiasts.
This is a very nice offer. Thanks Dogs&Coffee!

Right now Thoth has a cozy sub-board under Tarot Studies. If you feel it needs expanding, I'm more than happy to do so.
Again this is very generous. Also some extra work. Would we need to bring our own moderator?

I've also included boards for divination, herbs, crystals.... you name it, I've got it or will add it.
I've already joined, just for the herbs.

I'd be honored to have you check out what I've built so far. The boards are becoming very active, and we have over 100 members right now, and considering Tarotsphere is only days old, that's pretty neat

I hope to see you over there!
Thanks again. And congratulations!
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