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Question Odd.

The whole subject of the attribution of The Emperor/Tzaddi and The Star/Heh is very confusing. From the evidence presented in The Book of Thoth it hard to figure out what is going on.

The source of the switch is one particular verse in The Book of the Law.

1:57... All these old letters of my Book are aright ; but (Tzaddi) is not the Star....

Ok, fine. But Crowley's explanation in The Book of Thoth muddies the water completely. On pages 8-11 & 38-40 Crowley gives his explanation of the switch. But then the problems start.

On p.78 in his description of The Emperor, Crowley describes the card as if it were in it's old place on the Tree of Life, between Chockmah and Tiphareth in complete contradiction to the diagrams in the book.

On p.255 Crowley gives the divinatory meanings for The Emperor but the little prose-poem above it corresponds to The Star. The divinatory meaning for The Star on p.259 is the exact opposite. The Emperor's prose poem is connected with The Star's divinatory meanings.

On p.278 there's a strange error in the correspondence table. The Emperor is given the astrological attribution of Aquarius and The Star is given as Aries. Huh ? The contradicts both the text of the book and the actual cards.

What was Crowley up to when he wrote this book ? I can think of three possible explanations but there may be more.

1) Crowley was unsure/confused about the Emperor/Tzaddi - Star/Heh switch.
2) The Book of Thoth was just badly edited/checked for mistakes before publishing.
3) Crowley is hinting at something completely different. The apparent confusion in the attributions is designed to draw our attention to it.
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