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Originally Posted by spiral
Crowley wrote the Book of Thoth much later in life - between the years of 1938-43. In contrast he received the Book of the Law in 1904, but it is widely reported that it took him some years to figure out which atu, if "tzaddi is not the star", should be in its place. I have no idea when he figured this out, though - maybe someone does?
Well, Crowley was experimenting with the new attribution as early as 1923. In a diary entry for the 7th September 1923 Crowley tries to find a correspondence between the letters of his magical motto, TO MEGA THERION, and the Tarot trumps. Next to one of the letters he wrote 'IV or XVII', which suggests that he was uncertain about the attribution at that time and was using The Emperor and The Star on an either/or basis in his calculations.

I find this quote from one of Harris's letters quite interesting as well.
Have you seen that all the Sephiroths in the Index are spelled wrong, at least nearly all--an awful bother if they get printed like that. Also I don't feel you have made it clear about Tzaddi--The Emperor. Can't you have a diagram? I have been reading your book to Ann Christie in the evenings & altho she is very interested she could not understand your book and I am not sure I did in the end. It will be a point about which there will be the most argument. Is there any reason for the 2 loops except secrecy? Surely! & if not why not undo the loop & is the Emperor to be numbered 17 or IV or 4 or 17 ditto Star also Strength XI and Justice VIII. I expect I have still got it all wrong but if I have, you must be clearer because I am only just below sub-normal intelligence. A bientot

Frieda Harris
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