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Thanks, Huck. I'll read the post over again.

Now I have a technical question for the specialists, regarding the PMB World card. Kaplan's Vol. 2, p. 22, discusses the Bonomi version of the card, which is very similar to the PMB. He says:

"Of the four newly discovered Visconti and Visconti Sforza groups, the Bonomi cards bear the strongest resemblance to the cards of the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo deck. The World cards of the two decks are of the same type: two putti support a medallion in which a city floats on an island and the gold tooled background has squares rather than lozenges. It is interesting that The World cards of both the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo deck and the Bonomi group are so similar, while neither card seems to fit into its respective group. It seems likely that the Bonomi group and the Pierpont Morgan-Bergamo deck were painted by the same artist or workshop within a close span of time."

In the paragraph before this one, Kaplan also observes, "The World card has a tack hole at the top; the rest are without tack holes. "

My question is, which "same artist" painted both the Bonomi and the PMB? The second PMB artist or the first? You see the difficulty: since the Bonomi cards include both Justice, which in the PMB was painted by the first artist, and The World, painted by the second? Or did two different artists paint the two Bonomi cards? The other two Bonomi cards are the King of Cups and the 8 of Coins, both quite similar to the PMB versions.

The relevance of the question to the present discussion is that if the same artist painted both Bonomi cards as well as the PMB Justice, then likely the painter of the PMB Justice card also painted a World card similar to the Bonomi one. Hence the original PMB would have had just such a card.

If the 2nd artist the Bonomi cards, then who did the PMB King of Cups and 8 of Coins?

I can't imagine that this issue hasn't been discussed somewhere in the literature, but I certainly haven't found it. Or have I mixed things up somewhere?

Here are the PMB and Bonomi Justice cards:

And The World:

And the King of Cups, with the Bonomi 8 of Coins (unfortunately I left Dummet's book with the PMB images at work):

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