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I think aesthetically, this card works well; the art appeals to me and is pertinent to the meaning of the card. I also think this card should be changed now that we know it contains symbolism relating to female genital mutilation. I don't think the fact that Karen Vogel is 'inspired' by the music and dance is a good enough reason to keep it.

All that aside, I do like the menstrual theme to it. Some cultures feel that the time of menstruation is a time of enhanced power of the menstruating woman, and of knowing/seeing mystery more strongly and clearly. If I'm not looking closely at the picture, it makes me think of meditation, which feels like a High Priestess-y activity.

I like that this card makes me think of instinct, both in a phsyical, 'listen to your body' way, and in a, 'picking up the unseen vibes' way. That's just the feeling I get from it. I also very much enjoy the ancestral feel of it, which feels fitting for a High Priestess, although I never really thought about it that way before looking at this card.

In my book, 'Motherpeace Tarot Guide Book', it mentions that the goddess asks the High Priestess to become a guardian of the gateway. I love this idea. We are the givers of life. Many cultures believe menstrual blood is so powerful because of it's lifegiving nature. I believe a High Priestess would be in touch with the Otherworld. To put it crassly, our genitals are a gateway to life itself. To bring our babies into this physical world.

I love the inclusion of the owl, which can indicate wisdom, seeing ability, exposing truths and untruths and being able to work out who can and can't be trusted.

The book for the upright position talks about being receptive and open at the doorway to the intuitive realm, and of being true to a path. I love that!
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