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OK read the Book!!

Noticed Clive is hovering around the Osiris, Isis & Horus tales.
thats why his Set is Evil.
Still dont get why he used a Croc.. maybe because it looked better on the card than a Serpent maybe? I am still going to use my own interpretation with this because to me it fits better..

For me the Fool encourages the sitter to take that leap.. even if they cant see how it could maybe turn out.. trusting this leap to be a good thing..
I am seeing the dog as a Guide and protector.. reinforced along with The Croc to be also a protector..

Because if this dog is soley the protector, and the Croc is the evil Set. he aint doing a good Job, Amen is walking straight for the Croc.. I would have imagined the dog between the croc and Amen.
Dont want to pick this deck to pieces, just want it to make sense to "Me".
Even if i use Sobek in the first card.. the story of Osiris and Isis still flows.

Also prior to Horus being born Set is a Man.. he fights in the form of a Serpent and Bear. it is after the fight , Horus Kills Set , that is when water and desert creatures are the embodiment of Set. They are his incarnations which means he is dead when this happens. So if Horus is not born. Set is not dead..
I know its only symbolically and not actual < But i am truly having a hard time seeing Set as a Croc.

Have you looked into this RwCarter?
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