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Originally Posted by Aeon418 View Post
A useful classification of Qabalah can be found in Mathers, The Kabbalah Unveiled. Mathers breaks the Qabalah down into four separate headings.

1. The Practical Qabalah
2. The Literal Qabalah
3. The Unwritten Qabalah
4. The Dogmatic Qabalah.

No.1 concerns all matters of theurgy, ritual magick, divination, tarot, talismans, group ceremony, etc. This is the form of Practical Qabalah that underpins the Golden Dawn Qabalah and provides it's theoretical and structural basis. It's main focus is the Tree of Life and it's practical application.

No.2 is Gematria, Temurah, and Notariqon. All forms of letter/number manipulation are covered in this category.

No.3 is oral teachings. There's not much that can be said about this due to it's very nature. This is the realm of 'secret doctrines' held within specific groups of initiates. If these teachings are ever published they usually include 'blinds' to misdirect non-initiates.

No.4 is doctrinal teachings found in works such as the Zohar and the Bahir. The main emphasis is biblical, scriptural exegesis and theological speculation about the nature of God and creation. Much of what passes under the heading of Rabbinical Kabbalah is to be found here.
(Lon Milo DuQuette humorously refers to this as "counting the nostril hairs of God.")

Golden Dawn Qabalah is mainly focused on no.1. With a bit of 2 and 3, and a smattering of no.4.

In Rabbinical Kabbalah the main focus is on no.4, with a bit of 2 and 3. Some threads might also include aspects of no.1.

That's a rough 'n ready break down and totally unsatisfactory. But it does partially explain the difference between the Golden Dawn and Rabbinical streams.
Thanks for this, I will have to approach The Kabbalah Unveiled again. I got lost somewhere among the "nose hairs" and got sneezed out.
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