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The popular authors I mentioned usually make claims based on their own assumptions of what Waite meant without ever bothering to pick or read any of his books; or they come up with their own ideas then parrot each other as Thirteen mentioned before. My theories are based on research of Waite's own words and ideas. I never claimed to prove anything beyond a reasonable doubt, but I believe ideas based on Waite's own words would certainly carry as much, if not more weight than something pulled out of a hat. Again, I never said no other interpretation of the symbolism is valid except for Waite's, so if a person interprets it differently then good for them.

As for Case, he's probably the worst of all. In his earlier work, An Introduction to the Study of Tarot, he uses the Waite-Smith cards as the basis for his study. At some point after this he decided to create his own deck based on the W-S but with many "corrections." In his book The Tarot, A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages he makes ridiculous claims asserting Waite's deck is full of errors which he has corrected. The reality is Case couldn't crack Waite's symbolism so he copped out and invented his own.
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