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I dunno, but if we're going to box all the RWS's meanings to what Waite just says, we're never going to get really far. I mean, his book on the subject is not that detailed. Waite was pretty vague on the point after all (I mean, "great winged figure"?), so experts are of course going to weigh in and give their own interpretation on the matter. I think that with the RWS being chock full of Christian imagery and with other major arcana cards having angels too, thinking that it's an angel is quite reasonable really. Which angel it is is open for debate, tho some Tarot authors have weighed in that it is Raphael.

What I do know is it's not only Brigit Esselmont who believes that the angel in the Lovers card is Raphael. Just perusing some of my books, the same association was made by Anthony Louis in his two of his popular books: Tarot Plain and Simple, and Tarot Beyond the Basics. Eden Gray in her widely known book, A Complete Guide to the Tarot, also stated that the angel in the Lovers was Raphael. It was also noted in Liz Dean's The Ultimate Guide to Tarot. Even if Rachel Pollack in her magisterial Tarot Wisdom book did say that there were other associations to the angel in the Lovers card, she personally believed that it was Raphael. The Amberstones also made that association in their book The Secret Language of Tarot. Doreen Virtue also assigned Raphael to the Lovers card in her angel Tarot decks.

That's only from some of the books I have. Aside from Biddy's website, I counted more than six other websites (I did not even google to deeply) that said it's Raphael. So with the great number of resources (some of them written by reputable authors) saying so, I can't blame Charlie Brown if he thinks the angel in the Lovers card is Raphael. It's still a good thing that other members here question this or that we are made aware of other perspectives, but let's not dismiss this one.
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