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Thanks for your ideas on Metatron. Abrac! He is surely one to consider. You yourself have said that there's a good possibility that Metatron is the manifestation of the Shekinah in the Lovers card. It's still not a certainty.

What seems sure is that as you said, under his book The Ceremony of Reception in the Portal of the Third Order, he stated that the figure flying overhead is Shekinah. Samweiss did say that Waite may have changed some of his ideas from the RWS to the Trinick, and who's to say that he still previously thought of Shekinah when he made the RWS deck? Who can really say that for sure?

Even if (and only if) we accept that the figure in the RWS was Shekinah, I'm curious about your assertion about Metatron and Shekinah. You posted three quotes from his book The Secret Doctrine in Israel, and I was curious about the phrasing.

"So also Metatron, who is an aspect of Shekinah"

"Shekinah herself . . . when she assumes the vesture of Metatron."

". . . Metatron, understood as a vesture or form assumed by Shekinah."

So it seems like Metatron is only an aspect of Shekinah? If Metatron is only a vesture of Shekinah, then why say that he's the angel in the Lovers card? Waite sounds like a very precise guy, like the sort who likes getting his ducks in a row. It seems that if he wants to say it was Metatron, he would say Metatron and if he wants to point to Shekinah, he would state Shekinah, so when he said that the figure in the Trinicke is Shekinah, I would assume it was her and not Metatron, because he would have said otherwise, would he not? There are a lot of depictions of Shekinah in angelic guise too.

Again he talked about the Waite-Trinick here, and not the Waite-Smith, which may have been a real angel and not Shekinah for all we know since again, it seems he did change some of his ideas going from the latter to the former.

I don't think that your correlation is logically faultless. You did not prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is indeed Metatron who was on Waite's mind when he had the RWS Lovers card painted. It's still conjecture, not certainty. I still respect your assertion, but I think that it is only as good as many experts' claim that it was Raphael.

Also, Samweiss quoted Paul Foster Case, who stated that the angel in the Lovers card was Raphael. Would he be among those popular authors who do not have a clue as to what was in Waite's mind? In any case, your statement about the authors I listed was quite intriguing, really. I guess it would apply to all of them who doesn't think the Lovers angel is Metatron? Come to think of it, I haven't read a Tarot book who thought it was him. Can someone point out a book that stated so? Because if there's none, it might mean that there's no Tarot book writer who has a clue about what's on Waite's mind. And that's a scary thought.

But still, thanks for mentioning Metatron, Abrac. It's food for thought, and if I do delve into Waite's more obscure books. I shall keep this in mind.
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