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Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
Yes I used the same idea in my essay about the Courts here, with each one having dominant and recessive attributes. Ultimately the system of the Courts is so great because taken together it makes them into complete, fleshed out people. All the attributions in the other cards somehow fit well, and all lead to the same kinds of ideas. But with the Courts there are contradictory attributes and good and bad qualities that really help them take on a life of their own.
I think I'm going to reformat my keyword table to add a column for decanic associations. But rather than using the Minor Arcana as its basis, I think I'll just give an "astrologer's eye view" of the planet and sign combinations. I have Crowley's General Principles of Astrology as a reference, which should provide a similar tone across the "mash-up." I've never been happy trying to correlate the small card meanings with the courts (it just seems a little too artificial), so I generally go straight to planet-and-sign correspondences for additional insight. That's something I understand well.
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