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Love your story, tink!!!!.................I agree and think this symbol sets this lesson right in front of our eyes.

Face to face with these words we all have the same first reaction.........Adam & Eve - The garden of Eden.
Three words , snake, man, woman, create a collective response which becomes the source for the interpretation we give.
There is no mention of God, or gardens, or apples indication of what the names of this man and woman are. We automatically add these things ourselves and its all the result of conditioned thinking.............and when we think like that we limit to look further for a deeper understanding and knowledge. We cut ourselves off from our own creative self and our intuitive responses.

Aries 15 had me thinking of myths and legends and because of the Australian connection in Aries 11 I chose the Aboriginal Dreamtime to explore. I see Marina has already mentioned the Rainbow was the obvious choice.
It doesn’t matter where you go in mythology for you’ll always find the presence of the snake/serpent/dragon and the stories of the Rainbow Serpent are very similar to others in many parts of the world.

It is a powerful, creative life force which has its foundation in the earth.

Its natural environment is water and it is a protector of all waterways.
Earth/water are the feminine , receptive energies but they’re also passive ..........the serpent slumbers peacefully within the water hole.

At some point external events activate the serpent into action..............he rises up out of the water ,now drawing on the masculine/active fire energies.

I think the fact that these people of so many thousands of years ago called their vision of the Life Force the Rainbow Serpent is amazing for here is the kundalini and the colours of the chakras...............the coiled snake that lies within all of us and waits to be activated.
Marina has spoken of how she felt whilst at the Olgas.........”an ancient a black hole but not.........more Mother Earth”.
Both perhaps for its in the darkest times of our lives we withdraw into that black hole .........the womb of ourselves and the instinct for survival has the potential to activate us into action, determined to shed our old skins and emerge again transformed.

The rainbow is a beautiful symbol of hope and is the bridge to spirit, a link between the worlds.

This is symbol is No 14.....................take a step back from the Devil tarot card that the Garden of Eden story seems to bring to mind and we have Temperance. A card which often has irises in it. Iris is the Goddess of the Rainbow.........the messenger of the Gods ........she is a loving ,uniting alchemist (as were the Sabians) constantly breaking down and remixing the energies to create new and better form.

That is what the snake is telling us.............he symbolizes the potential for wholeness we all have which comes through the reconciling of opposites ........uniting them so they work in harmony together.

It begins with creating a strong and secure emotional foundation for ourselves from which we can actively change our lives and express ourselves confidently in the world.

From these meanderings I have now the thread to the next symbol which was missing before............the creative life force.

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