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I would be honored. As I said before they are stunning. Like Sunshine I too need pictures that help me to understand what something is about. Reading what a certain card means does not stay in this old brain any more I need to have pictures , and then I can understand and be able to turn that into what is going on. I too would be interested in purchasing a deck if you get them published. Continue with your work and don't let anyone discourage you or your work. You are very talented.
Yes, Kat. I will continue on working with getting the drawnings done, I got about half way to go, that will take about another year or more to do, I’ll try not to give up even though I don’t get any good comments on it when one of my american friends puts this video in his facebook, I get comments like – “Tedious video!”, “It doesn’t make any sense” and “WTF was all that about? He doesn't own firearms does he?” But I wll just never mind that and all I’m gonna keep in mind are your comments. And yes one day these pictures will be printed and published and sold in America because I believe in miracle. I also believe in Fate and Destiny.
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