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Hi Chrysalis - yes I'm happy to!

So far it seems as if two of us may be interested in doing a card - by card study. I'm currently working through Vicki's suggestion of an "apprenticeship" by reading the cards for one year and one day. Started about a week or so ago. Vicki's suggestion is to divide the cards into three separate groupings - Major Arcana, "People" cards, and number cards. Then draw one card from each deck on a regular/daily basis. I'm finding daily a bit overwhelming, however, I manage to draw a new reading every 2nd day. Whilst it is great reflective practice, I think I'd gain more by "talking" with others about the cards.

Seems my chances of finding people nearby are less than the greater opportunity of the "universe" provided by the internet.

Perhaps you and I might begin a "new" thread..... that is if I'm understanding the way this website operates.... and then others could join us along the way. How regularly would you like to operate? Do you suggest we draw a random card from the deck or work systematically through a suit, or Major/people/number....? this is fun.

I must admit to relying heavily on the original Vicki Noble "Motherpeace: A Way to the Goddess through Myth, Art and Tarot" to understand the imagery and I'm less strong on the "tarot" side of the reading aspect.

I really would enjoy the opportunity to interact with you and any others who wish to join us.


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