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I think I've decided that as long as I am careful shuffling, I'll be fine using the Minute. So what if I crease a card? That proves I've loved the deck and used it, at least. Unfortunately, getting another copy is going to be way outside of my budget right now...too many bills to pay as it is, plus paying for college, plus paying some of my grandmother's bills on top of it. If it weren't for all of that, I'd try to locate another copy, but for now, I'll have to do the best with what I've got.

I think that as long as I shuffle carefully and use a little *gasp* common sense(!), I'll be alright. This deck is rather special to me, since I won the proof-sheets in the New Year's Raffle and hand-cut the cards down into a deck. It took me ages, but it was a special experience for me. This is probably going to sound silly, but I believe that I received this deck for a reason, and the least I can do is put forth some dedicated effort into getting to know it. Does that sound silly? Most likely, but ehh...

Honestly, I think I'm just going to stick to blogging my journal this time around. It can be shared easier, and, well...I can type a lot faster than I can hand-write things. It's not that I'm lazy, I'd just like to be as productive as I can in the time I've got.

I'll come up with a pledge soon, but I can guarantee that I'll give myself a lot more growing room than I did last time. One thing I learned from my last IDS experience was that circumstances change, and what might work at the beginning may not work at the end.
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