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I got little bit wordy when describing the card, so I thought I would put my thoughts in another post.

Although this card only deals with the afterlife as seen by some Wiccans, I think it is something everyone can relate too. We all know stories or have seen movies about souls going to the afterlife, or choosing a child to reincarnate in to. This card shows a lot of what many people hope and believe about the afterlife. The long tunnel, being welcome, reunited with loved ones, etc. The only thing I'm not totally happy with is the Guardian figure. He's a bit... overdone I guess. And I also like to think that your "karma," as it were, comes back to you in this life. I would rather have seen a more friendly figure, one who helps you chose your lessons for your next life. It also would have been nice to see larger images of the Lord and Lady, and perhaps a small representation of the Summerland.

As for the meaning of the card to me, it is all about reaping what you sow. Your past actions have shaped your future. While there is always the possibility of free choice, everything you have done has moved you in a certain direction. Now is the time to examine these actions, figure what you have done right and wrong, and make some changes. It is also a sort of spiritual growth, you are more aware of your behaviour and choices.
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