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Nice to see someone else walking in these quiet halls Thank you for your comment tarotlova!
Here´s what I have in my T. of Vampyres notebook about moths.

Moths can be a symbol of:
*allure: subtle allure and scented trails (pheromones)
* intuition : as a nocturnal creature
* disguise: it can blend in when necessary, it can adjust and adapt when the situation requires it
*transformation: metamorphosis inside a cocoon
*vulnerability: it follows the light (of the moon) at any cost so it is open to distraction and vulnerable to harm

And a quote I got from a book by psychoanalyst Irene Claremont de Castillejo:
" Moth represents a woman´s soul. It has to be protected from strong winds of masculine spirit. Too bright sun of consciousness and over-intellectualization can harm it".
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