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High Priestess / Eight of Swords

I was doing a spread around an issue that is causing me blockage. Something I've let go of but lingers in my consciousness still. I asked for advice on the situation (sort of an addiction issue). I dealt the spread and in the pillar of the Celtic Cross the self card was 8-swords and the environment card was The High Priestess.

I went over the spread a few times to get correspondences and I had a lightning bolt realization - that the High Priestess and the 8 of swords are so similar as to be frightening. To have them show up as they did told me that while I viewed myself as in bondage and trapped, the true nature of my environment was that of freedom and connection to a subconscious self. The shadow of the Priestess almost reaches down to remind me that this blockage will always be a part of my character, but it doesn't have to rule me.

Just an interesting observation I wanted to share with the group.

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