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I hope everyone is patient! It seems that people really went for the Gold edition, which means the shipping process is going to take longer than I thought, as each of those takes a lot of fancy wrapping, plus (silly me) I offered to customize the significators free for those and optionally for others, which means almost every one I have to hand write out hieroglyphs for. And in permanent ink without pencil, just freehand so I have to get it right one shot. Note to deck creators: don't do it, LOL

I would put this in the "if only I had known before creating the deck" thread but the truth is, I did know since I did it on the first edition, and apparently I conveniently forgot what it is like or just can't help myself as I did it to myself again!

Anyway I was at it all weekend and feel like I have barely made a dent in the pile. The very first orders plus others depending on what was ordered are in the "first batch" The first batch will probably go out today but the orders that came in over the weekend will be in batches going out over the next few days. Normally I have a less than 24 hour turn around time but it just isn't humanly possible with these. Even if the dog had thumbs and could help me I have to give personal attention to each one as there are custom options on most and I want them to be right.

The dog is an official employee. It may seem like all he does is hang around the water cooler and distract the other employees (me, myself, and I) but he actually is doing his job. His job is to make sure the other employees take periodic breaks, one walk, and meals.
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