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I'm not really sure on this one. My first four decks are from when I first started reading tarot in the 90's, back when you could only see a few cards before buying a deck. My mom bought the Motherpeace once on the recommendation of an excessively enthusiastic saleslady and after seeing the two sample cards, one of which was the Star; that was definitely a deck she wished she hadn't bought as soon as she opened it. The art was too uneven and my mom is quite conservative. I've never had a disaster on that level, where it goes back in the box and is never seen again. (Hmm... wonder if I could beg it off her and trade it...)

Two of my decks have gotten a lot of use: the RWS and the Russian. The RWS is classic and even though I don't particularly like it I'm glad I got it because it's taught me a lot. (Like, don't read the LWB, and Crowley was right: A.E. Waite does read as though he had a mouth full of potatoes.) The Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg is lovely and detailed and stood by me in some very dark times, even though I can't stand to read with it now.

When I bought the Medieval Scapini and Dragon decks, I was expecting to be able to read with them better than the Rider-Waite-Smith, but at the time I just wasn't reading well, period. The Scapini was overly lewd - didn't help that I was trying to get into the SCA mood at the time and it never really worked - and the Dragon tarot was simply impenetrable: oh look, another dragon flying around, but what does it mean?

Ironically, I picked up the Dragon tarot and used it as a purse deck for a few weeks in July, and it worked great. Not that the deck has changed at all, but my understanding of the deck has grown. I'm still tempted to trade off the Scapini, Dragon, and Russian decks, but at the same time I wonder: will they suit me better at a different time? All of them 'clicked' with me at one point or another, even though they don't now.

I suppose I'll see what happens when the Liber T and Dark Angels get here; Dark Angels I can at least use for a roleplaying group, even though it's more In Nomine than Nobilis, but Liber T seems to be a 'love it or hate it' deck. I'm hoping to love it.
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