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Originally Posted by Grigori
Hmmm.. If we posit a scenario where Aeon steals $100 from me, I would say karma is when I unexpectedly come into an extra $100 and Aeon unexpectedly looses $100, but vengeance is when I'm unable to get over my anger until I cause Aeon to loose $100, and even though I don't get my $100 back, it still feels good to make him suffer like I did.

These are my personal definitions, and apparently at odds with the intent of the BoL use, so read as just my thought process.
And, once again, I will point you in the direction of the Book of Thoth and the chapter on Adjustment. A card that Crowley felt compelled to rename because the old title, Justice, was mixed up with limited human ideas on the subject.
Your definition sounds more like Exodus 21, with the empasis on the final actions. And it's all bound up with petty human ideas of revenge. If only karma were that simple.
Nature is not just, according to any theological or ethical idea; but Nature is exact.
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