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Originally Posted by by zero
But this was only a bogus question, because I think the attributions to the pillars don't fit. The motion from side to side (on which side is the worshipping at the beginning, where does it move to in the end through the aeons) is not really clear to me.
I think the motion is pretty clear in this chapter. The initial emphasis is on Martial Severity. It's a swing back to the feminine pillar of Severity. While Mercy is rebuked in verse 18. This is necessary because during the previous aeon the feminine was repressed. (In the aeon of Isis the masculine was unknown ) But in the aeon of Horus the feminine re-emerges "armed and militant", according to Crowley. (Like the saying goes, Pay-back's a bitch! ) This situation is ripe with strife and conflict. We see this same pattern in our society where masculine domination has been increasingly forced, but not without struggle, to give way to a growing feminine influence.
This same pattern is reflected in ourselves where the masculine and feminine sides of our nature constantly struggle with each other. But unless balance is achieved the Child will not manifest within.

From verse 60 onwards a balanced Solar aspect begins to emerge. And is this not the whole point of the Aeon of Horus? The raising of humanity to Tiphareth. Why you position Osiris there is a mystery to me. The dying sun myth is bit outdated, yes?
Originally Posted by by zero
I would prefer
Isis - Yesod
Osiris - Tipheret
Horus - Da'at
Maat - Keter

or maybe
Horus - Keter
Maat - Da'at
A bit weird in my opinion. But if you want to try mapping the Aeons to the Midddle Pillar I would suggest:

Maat - Supernal Triad
Horus - Tiphareth
Osiris - Yesod
Isis - Malkuth

Da'ath doesn't exist. It is the Supernal Triad as seen below the Abyss.
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