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21 Ways To Read A Tarot Card Ė Step ELEVEN

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Hi Jewel

I my next tarot meetup in new york I will ask one of the tarot collectors ifthey can bring your deck in so i can look. Lucky for my mimers brang in dave's deck so i saw his card up close and i showed mine to squeakmo9 knd of makes it more personal.

I am so glad my words resonat with you, I also feel more star like in solitude out in nature then when i am around to many people .

I am from a urban envirement and rarley see many stars but i went to Dominincan republic and went out in the mountains and was amazed !! at all those stars and felt real serinity
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Originally Posted by coyoteblack
I am so glad my words resonat with you, I also feel more star like in solitude out in nature then when i am around to many people .

I am from a urban envirement and rarley see many stars but i went to Dominincan republic and went out in the mountains and was amazed !! at all those stars and felt real serinity
Coyoteblack, you can see my card at:
They have the entire deck posted if you want to view it. It does however look much nicer in person.

Like you I am from an urban city, raised in a city of 5 million (Caracas, Venezuela), and have lived in pretty large cities for the most part since. But the stars in the skies over the ocean in Venezuela, and in Hawaii ... those I will never forget, and they are what I think of when I see the Star card.
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21 ways to read a tarot card - step 11

Step 11.1 Name benefits and liabilities for the following cards.

9 of Disks/Pentacles in the Thoth Deck is called Gain. The 9 of disks is made up of blues, greens and pinks. It has 3 large disks in the middle combining the 3 colours described above and below these disks are 6 more disks with different symbols in them

progress > retreat
gain > loss
wisdom > foolishness
creativity > uninspired

Princess of Swords (page of swords). A lone figure sits on top of dark clouds holding aloft her sword to cut through the clouds to reveal the sunshine.

victory > defeat
rebellion > loyalty
determined > weak
defiance > meek

The Chariot. A gold armoured man sits in his chariot holding a spinning sphere in his hands, in front of him are 4 sphinxís and a crab sits on top of his head.

change > maintain
transform > preserve
calm > troubled
progress > retreat

Step 11.2a Extremes for my chosen card.

reconcile > split
unite > divide
love > hate
attraction > disgust

Step 11.2b Find where you feel you are on the meter right now?

At this moment the needle has moved from negativity to positive for the first time in a long time. My faith has been restored and rewarded. Friday August 3rd I am spending the day with my partner and his two children (at last). After all the battles and arguments I feel this is such a major step and it couldnít have come at a better time. Obviously I may feel differently Friday night after spending the day with a 13 and 8 year old!!!

Step 11.2c Where do you want to be on the meter?

I would like the needle to stay on the positive side of the meter and creep its way upwards. I know this isnít going to be easy but I am determined that now we have made a huge leap forward that we can build on that foundation.

I have really enjoyed this step.

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I've chosen a new card. I've chosen the 9 of Pentacles in RWS. I realized that I just plain didn't want to do any more "stuff" with the 5 of Swords. When I read the Chapter for Step 11 I felt like I had already done that step while doing previous steps. I was seriously considering not continuing with the study at this time. Choosing a new card has revitalized my interest in the study, and I think it also better fits my current interests and my current situation in life.

RWS - 9 of Pentacles

Activity 11-1 Name some of the possibilities for the 9 of Pentacles, Page of Swords, Chariot.

The 9 of Pentacles is my new Card. Solitude - being alone by choice - finding joy in being alone- recharging batteries - choosing to be alone - wanting to be with others - being lonely - depression.

Page of Swords - Using your mind - thinking things through - thinking too much - not thinking enough - not having enough information to be able to really think things out.

Chariot - Control - being in control - controlling yourself - trying to control others - trying to control the uncontrollable - being out of control.

Activity 11-2 My new card is the 9 of Pentacles. I'm at the "choosing to be alone - wanting to be with others" portion of the meter. On a scale of 1 (best) to 10 (worst). I'm at a 6 to 7. I do enjoy being alone. It does recharge my batteries. But I'm aware that I also need to make opportunities to be with others and that I need to be pro-active in doing this because these opportunities will not come on their own at this point in the year and at this point in my life.
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21 steps step 11

DruidCraft. The Hermit.

21 ways step 11

Nine of Pentacles:
Benefits: True discipline, living well, instinct. Healthy, honour, self-awareness, self-reliance.
Liabilities: without control, begrudging others, regulations, gorging, dishonour, unaware, wanting to be dependent.

Page of Swords
Benefits: Truth, justice, carefree, observation, incisive
Liabilities: liar, ironic, uninvolved, contempt, cruel

The Chariot
Benefits: self control, goal orientated, skilful, confidence, admired, successful, mastery, victory
Liabilities: chaos, aimless, useless, weakness, shunned, under achieving, lost, defeat

My Chosen card: Iíve decided to change it from The High Priestess. From now on I will use the Hermit. I choose this because itís a primarily a more masculine card, in contrast to the High Priestess, though it remains a card of inward searching and learning.

Benefits: Time for oneself, patience, understanding, learning, challenging journey, wisdom, self-awareness, and self-containment.
Liabilities: shunning company, irritable, thoughtless, arrogant, lazy, ignorant, unaware, and immature.

I chose for this self-awareness. I found out that I was 7.5 on the scale. Not trusting my self totally I ask my partner, who is a psychologist (lucky me?!) I got a 6. So this is something I most definitely will be working on. As a tool I think it can be helpful though. Perhaps this is why I chose the Hermit
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An interesting switch -- from the High Priestess to the Hermit. The HP has a clear meaning; she has understanding and knowledge-resources which she seems to be reluctant to share. It's almost as if she was using herself as an example: go find your own knowledge.

The Hermit might have two meanings; he is either wandering and seeking or he is making himself available to others who are seeking. Many decks don't settle this question within the Hermit card. I'll have to think about this contrast. Dave
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9 of Pentacles

Luxury vs. poverty
Serenity vs. self-doubt
Responsibility vs. carelessness


Reason vs. illogic
Engagement vs. withdrawal
Communicating vs. silence


Control vs. chaos
Success vs. failure
Direction vs. aimlessness

11:2:1 The Hermit (Tarot of Prague)

1. Lost, confused, need to get away
2. Acceptance of being on the path
3. Seeing a glimmer of light
4. Finding a guide
5. Discovering a truth
6. Being a guide

11:2:2 I think Iím around step 4. I feel like working with the cards is really helping me find my way. I canít say that I have discovered any kind of truth yet, and I know Iím a long way from being a guide.

11:2:3 I'd like to get to the next step -- discovering something true. I'm not sure what can move me there. I think it's a matter of patience (another meaning of The Hermit, and one that's difficult for me to practice) and sticking with this journey. Maybe I need to align myself more with the lantern image on the card in order to find what I'm looking for.
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For Starling and Prism

Choosing a new card is sometimes a great idea, as Starling has done. I have switched cards at time for the reason that my life has changed during the course of following this thread and these 21 steps. Having the "right" card can help you feel more aligned with the flow of your life.

Sometimes a new card lets you move past a block that you have encountered. Another card won't change the situation but it may help you see it differently.

And, last of all, there is patience. Prism, when we encounter any kind of a block or a dissatisfaction point, the recognition of that issue, combined with the decision to wait a bit, gives the universe time to bring something else to you that you need. An answer, another perspective, a clarifying experience. Do keep on with your exercises, take whatever time is needed. I'll soon be going to our next step. Dave
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Step 11 - best/worst case scenario technique

I'm working with 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card right now and I'm up to Step #11, where you take different cards and try to come up with the "best case scenario" and "worst case scenario" for what the cards could be representing.

For example, the 5 of Wands from the Rider-Waite might represent "people from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds coming together and finding ways to make their unique experience work really well together" in a best-case scenario, or it might represent "street violence" or some other event where everybody ends up getting hurt by each other in a worst-case scenario.

Has anyone else got good examples of when they've used this technique and what they came up with? How have you used it to help you better understand certain cards? When have you used it in readings and how has it affected the reading to use this technique? Any other insights? For me I'm finding it one of the most useful new ways I've learned to open me up to the range of possibilities that a card can represent and getting me out of the boxes my immediate first assumptions like me to think in, as far as whether a card is "positive" or "negative".
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You may find this thread useful:
21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card Study Group index thread

Click 'step 11' and you'll find a whole thread.

Feel free to join it too if you like, it's a really good study group.
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