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Jewel: Yes, sometimes it's annoying being lectured by a CARD! (Or a fish, for that matter!) But seriously, this psychological approach really works, even it you're resisting the lesson (like I am!) My mind (or whatever) knows what I need to do, and probably no matter what card I draw, it will tell me that!

I'm glad you're here to help me at least start to think about continuing on that journey!

Coyote: I had fun with the dialog, too. Strange to say, when I was a kid, it was my main form of daydreaming fantasy. I would assume characters and fantasize them talking to each other. Maybe I should take up screen-writing!

I really enjoyed the ethereal, not-of-this-world responses of your Star. They really gave me a wonderful impression of her power and otherness, but also her compassion. "I am a co-creator of the universe." Wow! Yet you were able to approach her and ask for her wisdom. Very cool!

I guess we'll be peeking into Step 16 soon! See you around the boards!
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21 ways to read a tarot card - Step 15

Step 15 - Dialogs

I decided to dialog with the large hooded figure in my card, I feel I want to know more about him.

Q – Why are you so large compared to the other figures on the card?
A – Because I am very important
Q – Why do you say that?
A – Well for a start you can see everyone else’s features and mine are hidden, so I must be important!!
Q – Why do you think your features are hidden beneath your cloak?
A – So people can’t judge me on looks alone, they have to look beyond the obvious.
Q – Do you think people misunderstand what you stand for?
A – Yes, because I make them think and sometimes they just want a quick fix.
Q – Are you a good person or not?
A – Depends which way you choose to perceive me, but I think I am more good than bad, but I have my moments!!
Q – Are you here to help the couple getting married?
A – Yes, I am conducting the marriage service.
Q – What do you think we can learn from the couple?
A – If we can move beyond the obvious differences then we can find common ground and build on that.
Q – In your opinion do people give up too easily once a problem occurs?
A – Yes, in this modern age, people don’t talk enough, things are left unsaid and then before you know what’s happened it’s too late.
Q – So, you think that talking over problems is important?
A – Communication of all types is important, you have so many forms of it nowadays, texting, email, telephones, mobile phones, yet so many people choose to stay silent, when a little effort is all it would take.
Q – Ok, that a good point, can you tell me what is the importance of all the pairs are in your card?
A – It shows that everything has its opposite, whether its gender, colour or whatever and our acceptance of those differences.
Q – Is that cupid above your head, shooting his arrow.
A – Well, maybe, maybe not. You will have to carry on your studies to learn the true meanings of some of the symbols on my card, as I said looks can be deceiving and things are not always are they first seem.
Q – What would you like to teach me?
A – There are a lot of lessons in life for you to learn and I am far to busy to teach you, as long as you stay open-minded and think before you act or re-act you will do just fine, you will learn as you go along.

I quite enjoyed this little chat it was enlightening. I think it just confirms everything that has been brought up in the previous steps, that its important to look beyond the immediate issue, I choose that person for good and bad points so because a hiccup occurs we shouldn’t automatically give up. As said before I do tend to bottle things up and not talk until its reaches boiling point and this is something I am trying to change, but that easier said than done. After this step I had to research my hooded figure and its turns out to be The Hermit!!

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Originally Posted by nicki
I quite enjoyed this little chat it was enlightening. I think it just confirms everything that has been brought up in the previous steps, that its important to look beyond the immediate issue, I choose that person for good and bad points so because a hiccup occurs we shouldn’t automatically give up. As said before I do tend to bottle things up and not talk until its reaches boiling point and this is something I am trying to change, but that easier said than done. After this step I had to research my hooded figure and its turns out to be The Hermit!!
Nice job Nicki! I really enjoyed reading your dialog. I agree with you, based on my experience, that this Step does bring together most if not all of what we learned in the first 14 Steps, and really hits home on our personal issue that we are working on through these steps. Glad you had a rewarding experience.
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RWS - 9 of Pentacles

Lady in the Garden, what are you doing?

I'm standing here in my Garden, the most beautiful place in the world. I made it a beautiful place. It is my creation. I even have my bird with me. I look around and all I see is the fruitfulness that is the result of a lot of work. I deserve all of this beauty because I worked for it and I created it with my own hands and mind and spirit.

Lady in the Garden, what is your advice for me?

Enjoy the harvest. Look around you and see the beauty of your surroundings. Pull joy out of every detail in your life. Notice the good things and be grateful for them. But more than being grateful, be mindful. Life is full of all kinds of joy, but you can miss it if you don't take notice.
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21 steps step 15

21 Steps step 15.
DruidCraft: The Hermit.
I dialoged with the Hermit.

What are you doing?
“I looking at the path I will be taking, seeing if there are dangers ahead, or what it might bring.”

What do you want?
“I need to be there to help others. Friendship and love is all I need.”

What can you teach me?
“I can show you the way as well. I have lots of wisdom”

Do you have any advice?
“Keep to the true path, look closely where you tread. Your values must be pure and honest. Let them guide you.”

What’s the stave for?
“This stave helps me on my journey,. It will help me ward off dangers as well, maybe wild beasts”.

What does it represent?
“It bears some of the heavy burdens I carry, for I carry many thoughts and many values that need to be looked after”

How the lamp fueled?
“The lamp is my love and soul; it needs only some thought to keep it going. The deeper my love for myself and thoughts for others lets it burn brightly. Though I need nourishment as well, so I too like being thought after, not being totally alone.”

What does it represent?
“It represents enlightenment. It shows that through study and goodness, light will prevail in all darkness”.

Why do you need a wolf?
“The wolf sees things I do not see, at least not immediately. It senses things you see. Its instinct is better than mine. It helps me keep focused on my intuition. “

Where are you going?
“I’m going to the next village to see if anyone needs help. I will go one to the one after if need be. I have no permanent home. I am always wondering.”

Where have you come from?
“I have come from my last learning, my last giving.”

Have you seen anything on your journey?
“I see many things in my soul while journeying alone.”

When will you get there?
“Perhaps the day I die. This journey is a journey for life. There is always something new to feel and think over.”

I've got a problem; I keep puting things off, got any ideas on what i might do?
"Ask yourself what it is your fear by doing it. Shed a little light on it. How do you feel when you do not do a thing and how do you feel when the jobs done. Which feeling is better? Give your self a pat on the back when you do good. You may not reolve this at once - its your journey. See how long it takes, perhaps its not a tough as it seems"

Made me think that not even the Hermit can live completely alone. You cannot cut yourself off from the world; every soul needs replenishment and love from someone. No light shines truly alone. However we each bear our own guiding light and we have a responsibility to keep it fueled, to do that we must give and receive gladly.

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For Verdi...

I really enjoyed reading your conversation with your Hermit. I especially liked how you asked him a question regarding your own present issues and how to approach. Great job!
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I dialogued with the woman in the Tarot of Prague World card. She looks so content with herself and her two wands. Even the fact that she is The World, the final card, doesn't seem to phase her at all.

Me: Hello.
W: Hello. I was wondering when you'd speak up.
Me: Really? I didn't know you noticed me. I'd like to get to know a little about you, if you don't mind. Frankly, I'm a little intimidated by you, since, after all, you are the World. Would you mind telling me a little about yourself?
W: Yes, I know, I may seem a little unapproachable, my position at the end of the journey and all that, but, you know, that's just your own hangups, not mine. I'd be happy to talk about myself a little, and then maybe you'll see that I'm not such a big deal, really. I have been through a lot, you know, the steps shown by the previous cards, and all that. So, yes, I'm not really frightened of very much in this life, and I guess that's what might be a little difficult for some people to deal with. But it's not like I'm up here on this cloud all the time. You might try to think of me as a flash of enlightenment.
Me: Kind of like in buddhism.
W: Exactly. The students meditate for months or years or decades and then one day they get it, just out of the blue. I'm kind of like that moment.
Me: Huh?
W: Here's the deal. I've had the experience of knowing that the world is perfect and beautiful, and that I am part of that perfect and beautiful world. Haven't you ever had that feeling?
Me: Yeah, once in a while. It doesn't last.
W: No, of course it doesn't last. You couldn't very well live in the world if you were constantly in a blissed out state, could you?
Me: No, but it would be nice to have those feelings a little more often.
W: Good, now we're getting somewhere. The thing to remember, what I really want to tell you right now is this: lighten up! Unburden yourself! Carrying around old, worn out and useless misery is not the way to go. It's just a habit. And here's the thing. There is no place for you to carry this useless junk to. There is no altar that is waiting to receive it. In fact, it doesn't have any reality at all. It can just vanish in a second, leaving no trace. Just like you can have this blissed out feeling in any given second, and it feels like it comes out of nowhere.
Me: So you are free of that useless misery thing, I guess?
W: Pretty much, yes. But here's another thing you need to know. I make myself up all the time, every day. I'm not finished. And here's another thing: I'm part of the everyday world. I am, you remember, The World. Get it?
Me: Uh, maybe.
W: Good. I think that's enough for one day.
Me: Well, OK, but I was wondering if I could ask your wands a couple of questions.
W: Be my guest.
Me: Wands, what's the deal with you?
Wand 1: Well, you can think of me as your connection to a higher energy. It's always turned on, you just need to plug in.
Me: Cool. And you, Wand 2?
Wand 2: I'm here to help you do what you want to do in your own world. You know, you're plugged in. Now what are you going to do?
Me: Good question....
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21 Ways...Step Fifteen RWS The Emperor

The Emperor and SistaSpirit

SS) why did you appear in my spread?
E) So that you can see yourself in me
SS) how am I like you you?
E) You are alone, you lead a desolate emotional life, you think you are the only one who can resolve family issues. You are a know-it-all, who thinks your way is the right way, and you don’t feel as if anyone could or would help you, if they offer you refuse with weak excuses, i.e. “not to worry I’ll get it done”. You are a bit of a martyr.
SS) I got like this because if I didn’t do it wouldn’t get done.
E) It wouldn’t get done because you were over critical of the process, you wouldn’t allow anyone to do it without your interfering.
SS) When I left them alone to do it they didn’t do it right.
E) they didn’t do it right or they didn’t do it the way you wanted it done?
SS) a little of both.
E) so what did you do?
SS) I chastised them.
E) then what?
SS) no one wanted to do anything I asked.
E) that’s to be expected.
SS) what should I do about it?
E) stop meddling in your children’s life, allow them to make their mistakes and learn from them just as you have. Be gracious when someone offers to help you then let them.
SS) but what if things fall into chaos?
E) then I will be there to guide you.

SS) you look a little melancholy to me, what’s wrong?
E) I carry such a heavy responsibility and no one seems to appreciate how much I do to keep them safe.
SS) have you told the people about what a burden it is to protect them?
E) No.
SS) Why not?
E) I don’t want to appear weak. An Emperor must be strong and not complain about his duties.
SS) that why you sit on that hard concrete stone, because you don’t want to appear weak?
E) it is important for my enemies to know that I haven’t gone soft.
SS) Do you share your feelings about your responsibilities with the Empress?
E) No, I would not do such a silly thing. If I went whining to her, she would lose respect for me.
SS) as you bear your responsibilities alone the burden is much heavier; you must love your family and the villagers very much?
E) It is not about love it is about my duties and responsibilities as The Emperor. I must take care of my family and the villagers; I must not allow my feelings to interfere with what is best for them.
SS) does being strong means that you can’t be happy?
E) It is not my destiny to be happy it is my destiny to keep my people safe, to maintain order and enforce the laws of the land. The ankh is the symbol of the ruler so I will rule.

The Ankh and SistaSpirit

SS) What is your role?
Ankh) I am the symbol of power, only the ruler can hold me.
SS) why does the Emperor hold you upright?
Ankh) so people will know that I’m holding court and that they may speak.

Real Life

I’m beginning to see myself as others see me and that’s not so nice. The good thing is I’m aware of the what and the why so now I need to get to work on me. I have to take responsibility for who I am now and work at being the best I can be.

I’m really benefiting from everyone that’s ahead of me. When I’m not sure how to proceed I read the posts for clarification. Thanks everyone.
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Greer (2006) 21 Ways - Step 15

Step 15 – Dialogs
7/The Chariot

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the Charioteer:
• Me (M): What are you doing here?
• Charioteer (C): What do you mean?
• M: Why are you here…instead of in the city?
• C: Oh, because I’m supposed to be out here.
• M: Why?
• C: Lots of reasons such as meeting people like you and also warding off attackers.
• M: Your chariot looks really nice, but it’s kind of showy. How does that work for you?
• C: Well, it’s a symbol of my power and that either impresses visitors or scares off enemies.
• M: A pretty chariot does that?
• C: Well no, the sphinxes do that. It’s no easy thing to get these creatures to work with you.
• M: “With you”?
• C: Yes, you never own them. So you work with them or they destroy you.
• M: How so?
• C: Well, they’re very different. One is quite energetic and passionate, but can run the chariot in every conceivable direction at once. The other one is more cool and collected, but has a power that drives it in one direction only. However if you don’t want to go in that direction, then it can be rough. So I had to learn to work with them both at the same time in a way that is respectful of their individual strengths and gifts so I can make the most of what they have to offer.
• M: So is one better than the other? In Plato’s Republic, the passionate one isn’t good at all and the reasoning one is the beast you prefer. It’s like the passionate one is a creature you have to have versus choose to have on your team of horses.
• C: Not in my case, they’re both important and needed. They’re different, but no one is better than the other.
• M: How did you learn to do this?
• C: See this amulet? The secret is right in here.
• M: What’s the secret?
• C: Wouldn’t you like to know! I can’t tell you because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore and – more importantly – my secret isn’t your secret. You have to find your own and treasure it.

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the Black Sphinx:
• Me (M): So what do you do?
• Black Sphinx (BS): I’m the collected one. I think things through and put my sights on an enemy leader. It is written in a wisdom book, “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter” (Zechariah 13.7b). Sounds like a great plan to me.
• M: How do you do that, go right after what you want?
• BS: I don’t sway to the right or the left. I run like the wind with the force of massive back draft, drenching my enemies in an unexpected onslaught of fire that is as swift as a tornado.
• M: You say that in a matter-of-fact tone.
• White Sphinx (WS): Of course he does! He says I run around like a chicken with its head cut off! I’ve just learned the trick of going around, under, and behind my enemies…
• BS: [to WS] My way is best, you just don’t understand. [Back to M] Of course, why get worked up about it? It’s only logical to do so. When you want to get something done, lay out a plan and take the direct route. This is my contribution to the team.

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the White Sphinx:
• Me (M): How do you differ from your partner?
• White Sphinx (WS): I’m all heart while he’s head.
• M: He’s the head and you’re…?
• WS: Yes, he is a “he” and I am a “she.” I have to heart for the two of us…
• BS: And I have to have the brains for the two of us!
• WS: You be sweet! [BS looks chastened] Of course before the Charioteer we didn’t get along and fought all the time.
• M: Really?
• WS: Oh yes, couldn’t stand him in any way…stand to be near him, stand to have him live, and stand to be without him.
• M: Sounds complicated.
• WS: It was.
• BS: While “Mr. Battering Ram” here goes head on, I’m more indirect but no less powerful. I can give as good as he gets, I just do it different. But now we both do even better than both our powers added together.
• M: What they’re multiplied together?
• BS: No, squared. Even better than multiplied.
• WS: That’s because the Charioteer discovered the secret for balance and inner purity for him. It won’t work for you I’m afraid.
• M: Why?
• WS & BS together: Because you’re *you*!

• 15.1.1 – Dialog with the chariot:
• Chariot (C): Ha-hmm! Excuse me!
• Me (M): I beg your pardon?
• C: When are you going to talk to me?
• M: Should I?
• C: It’d be rude not to!
• M: Oh…and what do you do?
• C: I’m the least acknowledged but most important piece…well, in a sense.
• M: Why is that?
• C: I hold it all together! These two wouldn’t ever get along without the Charioteer and he couldn’t be with both of them at the same time without something to stand on. Further, none of them could get anywhere without an apparatus to bring them all together like me. I hide in plain sight, so don’t forget me! I’m that part you ignore that is essential to you moving forward…or anywhere for that matter. Don’t forget me !
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6 of birds - Shining tribe tarot

I have been doing all steps in my handwritten journal up till now. I found this step one of the hardest so I am struggling a bit.

The main symbols here are a red sleeping woman, a bird spreading it's wings above her, a snake under her bed.

Let's start with the woman.

Me: Who are you?
Woman: Very well thank you.
M: Oh pardon me, I am not good at small-talk but didn't mean to be rude and not say hello.
W: Well, perhaps you should try harder, some people like myself got a real thin skin you know, especially when we are trying to sleep.
M: *hangs head and mutters another apology* I had no idea you were so touchy. So what are you doing here?
W: My job is to dream, that is who I am, I am the Dreamer.
M: What do you dream about?
W: I dream to find the way to the heart of the matter, to see the solution.
M: Why are you so red?
W: In doing all this dreaming I need to be thinskinned and really take everything in, my redness is not anger, it is sensitivity.
M: Do you have any advice for me?
W: Yes, you need to listen more to your dreams and not use sleep as a way to shut off or escape, see it as a task, a mission if you like. Your mission is to enter the dreams, listen to your guides, both the birds and the snakes, and find the truth.
M: Thank you very much Red Dreamer and sleep safe.

I approach the snake next, in a really quiet whisper so I do not disturb the dreamer.
Me: Hello there snake, the Dreamer mentioned you were one of the dream-guides. Can you tell me a bit more about that?
Snake: Greetingssss, ssssso nice to sssee you awake. My tasssssk isss to show the Dreamer her fearsss and worriesss.
M: How do you do that?
S: I would not know how to NOT do that, it isss, my purposssse.
M: How does it help the Dreamer to face her fears if it is just a dream anyway?
S: Many of her dreamssss will linger after she wakesss up and thatsss how she will grow and find her way.
M: How can the Dreamer better remember her dreamlessons?
S: By sssscribble them down in the ssssand.
M: On paper you mean?
S: Only if that issss what you ssscribble on.

Above me I feel a draft of air rushing past my face, I look up and see the large orange bird hoovering about me.

Me: Hello bird, The Dreamer talked about you too, that you were a dream guide. I wish to know just what it is you do.
Bird: Hi there. I like to think that I keep her focused. I know she can feel me through her thin skin and that even deep in a dream she can hear my wings rustle. I remind here that she has a purpose. I sharpen her thoughts and shut out all the less important things.
M: Like what things?
B: Well, like thinking about what to cook for dinner, that her left knee is itchy and how to pay for the bills, those are tasks better devoted time to when she is not busy dreaming. She is the Dreamer after all, just as I am the Dream-guide, or the Dream-controller, or Dream-focuser or however you wanna put it. My taks is to make her dream what she has to.

I quietly sneak off to let them all continue with the Dreaming
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