Court Study 2007 : Queen of Cups

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Court Study 2007 : Queen of Cups

I am using the Hermetic Tarot for this.

This queen appears the softest out of the four.

She stands amongst water. She is Queen of the Thrones of Water, and the waves lap around her; slapping against her ankles like fish tails. She is probably the more simply pretty of the four in my deck. She looks into either the distance or nothingness. This makes her seem almost vacant. But it could also be a sign of her psychic skills. Is she tuning into some kind of other-worldly information that is felt, rather than read or transmitted physcially.

In the picture, we have an Ibis, some lotus flowers and a crab. The woman is imaginative and good natured.

Thinking about this woman in connection with the Personal Prophecy method of reading, if she represented me, she would be my sensitive side - the part of me that reads and councels through tarot; the side that tunes inspiration and imagination in creative pursuits and at work, in design. When I am in the office or in more grounded areas of my life, I can often be whipped away with the waves, like this woman. It is when I zone out and enter the world of my fantasies. She makes a great vessle for all of these creative and emotional situations that are brought to her and she soaks them up like a sponge. But sometimes, they can consume her. Being not as practical or masculine as other courts, she may allow them to take over and her ways of dealing with them might be less productive - alcohol or drugs as a means of escaping to her fantasy land. In that, I see other people in my life, who I could easily identify in other positions of the Personal Prophecy method.


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I'll use the Pythagorean, since I don't think many out there do, and I'm in deep study with it right now...

In this deck, she is represented by Aphrodite, standing in a swelling sea (so like swelling enotions) and pouring a love potion from a cup. Born of the sea, of water, Aphrodite is born of pure emotion. SHe wears green (like all the queens of this deck) as a symbol of her fertility.

I think of the queen of C very much like the sea, deep and constantly churning (mulling things over) despite the fact that she is stationary--she's not going anywhere, but she's not still either. A paradox...
And like the sea, those around her must cater to and beware of her whims. She may be beautiful and inspiring and peaceful, or stormy and destructive. WHat is for sure is that she is always true to her own needs and desires.

Water of water, the qualities of which are Cool> moist. "She is pure feeling, unadultered by judgement (warm) or definite purpose (dry). Thus she may err through poor judgement, passivity, lack of effort or too much imagination
However as a consequence...(she) is especially adept at understanding the relational, inward-turning flow--the subconscious source and sink of emotion. She is loving kind, warm-hearted, gentle, easygoing, and a good friend or mother. Nevertheless, through her twofold moistness she may be suceptible to a variety of conflicting influences, and be unreliable through loack of determination (dryness)"

She's on the top left:
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I'll join in since I have trouble sometimes. I have the excellent book on the minors and courts by Isabel Radow Kliegman called Tarot and the Tree of Life to consult, but for now I'm just going with what I feel or see.

I will use the Experimental Tarot since it isn't popular. (2.99 LB. . . )

Mother of Water. Pine trees and waterfall, the sea and dolphins swimming against a backdrop blue sky with a teal-coloured grid on it and a large white moon. The Queen looks like an illustration after Botticelli's famous birth of Venus.

One of my decks or several, memory escapes, has this Queen in a harbour like the mermaid in the port of Copenhagen. She is a bit like that, I can see her enticing sailors in a humorous way, getting people to loosen up, but also guiding them, marking the channel.

We feel so uptight on land, but in the water we feel weightless and the feel of water around and between our limbs is delightful. She nurtures but in a loose way--she wants you to figure it out like water running through your mind and over your limbs. Protective but cleansing, liquid insight, timeless lapping water, shimmering, absorbing, sustaining life.

Yet underneath is her grid of safety and order. Birth and leaps of joy and flow and white light and openness with guiding intelligence.
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The Golden Tarot of Klimt
(top right)
From this image, I get the brooding, somewhat moody aspect of this card. Also, all those wavy lines speak to the fluidity of her nature, of water. This Queen is sensuous, and concerned with what pleases her.
And this pic in particluar reminds me of the common link of this card with Scorpio
Some of the common attributes of a sun-sign scorpio:

"Scorpio THE SCORPION - the sign of Transformation
Still waters run deep and in the case of Scorpio, there is much more going on under the surface than meets the eye. Consider a black hole which swallows up everything that comes within its power and we can only guess what happens next. However, this is the sign of beginnings and endings, birth and death and the certainty that comes with knowing that nothing stays the same forever. What a paradox - constant change!. Scorpio's are intense and have and have an ability to wait a very long time before they take action to put right a wrong. Better to have one as a true, trust and loyal friend than an enemy
We love you at your Best ...
When you are cutting through the cr*p and finding a cause worth fighting for when everyone else has given up. You go to the places that others fear and may have to do the dirty work but what you offer is a gift, enlightenment and the ability to allow others to see through their nightmares and demons and get to the other side. You are a trusted and loyal friend but once you are crossed forgiveness is difficult and you may prefer to move on, rather than put things right.

Powerful feelings and emotions, committed, loyal, imaginative, discerning, subtle, persistent, determined.

.... Difficult to Live With!
Sometimes you simply cannot help being manipulative and your mastery over others can bring a fair amount of anguish. However, you are fiercely protective and will do what it takes to keep what's yours, yours. Jealousy can be your undoing and it's possible that obsessiveness can be scary. Scorpios have the ability to see through lies and are not impressed by blagging and will not suffer fool."
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I use the Gilded Tarot (love this deck!)

From the book:
The Queen of Cups is a kind, gentle, sensitive, and thoughtful, charming, socially polite, creative and artistic. She sometimes can appear "switched off" from the outside world, as she is quite in tune with her inner world, which she can easily slip into, giving her a detached air at times. She prefers one-to-one friends or conversations, rather than large groups. Usually quite feminine and empathic by nature, she can at times be melancholy, or prone to shifting moods.

The book also suggests you will find Cup Queens "in the helping/healing professions: nursing, teaching, alternative therapies, psychics, the arts, interior design, fashion and so on." In the negative, "they may be dreamy, unrealistic, overly sensitive, prone to a victim mentality, give up too easily (not so very "gritty"), be easily led by others, and can be manipulative. They dislike speaking out, seeing doing so as confrontational."

Of all the Queen's the Queen of Cups is my second-favorite, my favorite being the Queen of Swords. I feel I, personally, am a weird cross between the two, having the scientific, searching, truth-seeking mind of the Queen of Swords, but the non-confrontational, peace-seeking, mystical, intuitive, "flowing" heart of the Queen of Cups.

I think many people see this queen as wishy-washy or a pushover. She can be in some ways, but queens are all powerful in their own way. This woman's strength is her "go-with-the-flow" nature. Like water, she flows into everything, adapting effortlessly to everything that life puts in her path. She is very spiritual and sees everything as there for a reason. She is at peace with existence. Others see this as detachment, but I see peace. The rest of the world struggles and resists, but she accepts and is at peace with what life brings her way, "counting it all joy". The danger there is that, sometimes you MUST resist and fight, and she finds it goes against her nature to do so.

This woman, if left to be the way she truly is, without trying to change her, rein her in, pen her up, or manipulate her path, she is a thing of beauty and power. Her message seems to be "let whatever happens happen". If everyone did just this, life would roll on very smoothly...but the world is not made up of just Cups: there are pushers and shovers out there too, trying to MAKE things happen. The Queen of Cups embodies the most traditionally "feminine" traits: beauty, delicacy, lovingness, quietude, introspection, and the mysteries of "women's intuition". She's all about the tides and the moon and the mysteries of Woman. She changes her circumstances over the long term, wearing them away the way water erodes the earth, by doing nothing more than being herself. This is power. She "loves" the problems away.
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