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Fairytale Tarot - Eight of Swords

The woman on the card looks very sensual to me, she reminds me of female magic and magnetism, veiled sexuality that radiates though hidden.
The story is “Rapunzel”.
In the modern childrens story, the girl escapes from the tower, goes off, marries the prince and that’s it, but Karen says that in
the older and darker version hero and heroine suffer a lot of pain, after they found each other in the desert, before the happy ending.
Karen notes also that Rachel Pollak in her book “The Forest of Souls” identifies this story with a whole sequence of the Tarot Majors, beginning with “Rapunzel “ as The Tower.
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This is certainly an interesting representation of the Eight of Swords, a card that I always find mildly exasperating (if people could only see how they are throwing obstacles in their own path).

First of all, I was very surprised to see Rapunzel represented with dark hair. I thought she was called by the Prince to let down her hair so that he could climb the "golden stair" (the version of the story in the companion book also makes reference to golden hair). To me the most notable image on the card is the lovely flowers.

The version of the Rapunzel story used here is very dark. Once again I am learning far more about fairy tales than I ever dreamed by studying this deck.

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