Tarot of the Crone-Reversals

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Tarot of the Crone-Reversals

Though the book doesn't list any meanings for reversals, I still find myself using them. It does seem to work in most cases.

I'm curious as to whether everyone else is using reversals with this deck. Do you just follow your normal pattern for reversals or are you doing something differently that is deck specific?
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I don't use reversals most of the time (occasionally I do) and so I'm not using reversals with this deck either.

I'm not using the deck for readings though, I think that for me this is more of a deck for contemplation and meditation so the issue of reversed cards hasn't come up.
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This is an old thread but since I just got this deck last week I thought Id add something.

I have also been wondering about reversals with this deck. I normally dont use them. I usually riffle shuffle and with most deck it goes fine but this is a deck that is very difficult to shuffle like that because the cards are a bit thicker and smaller. Ive found that the best way to shuffle this deck is to spread it on a table and move the cards around for a while and then gather them together again. Well, this results in reversals and I have been wondering if this deck wants me to use reversals. I asked the deck but the reply was not clear at all so Im still not sure..

A pity this study group never got more active. I wonder if anyone is still using this deck?
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