Celestial Tarot - Death (Scorpio)

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Celestial Tarot - Death (Scorpio)

Death ~ Scorpio

Elemental symbol - Water
Astrological ruler - Scorpio
Astrological correspondence - Pluto
Hebrew letter - Nun

Scorpio cannot have power over destiny and so while they may like these forces of fate when they work for them and they're on top of the world, they curse them when they get in the way of their well-laid plans. The unseen powers or forces of fate are far more closely alignes to them than any other sign of the zodiac. Few Scorpios trust change, even whey they are the ones making it happen. Should they freely choose to change their mind about something or someone and switch mental channels, they switch completely. They are known for keeping their commitments, but when they do move on from something or someone, they rarely explain why or look back. When they say goodbye to something or someone, that chapter of their life is often closed in a way that leaves the other person or the situation they left behind in some kind or chaos. However, they do not slam doors behind then easily or without a great deal of thought. As a rule, whatever it is that makes this happen builds up for a long time until eventually reach their breaking point. Some of the worst times of their lives are merely the creation time that precedes the best period of their lives. They frequently have to go through hell to reach heaven or lose something or someone to find something or someone better in the future.

Pluto is the great transformer. It breaks down the old and replaces it with the new. Pluto is associated with the most drastic changes, forced condictions and mass movements.

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