Celestial Tarot - The Moon (Pisces)

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Celestial Tarot - The Moon (Pisces)

The Moon ~ Pisces ~

Elemental symbol - Water
Astrological ruler - Pisces
Astrological correspondence - Neptune
Hebrew letter - Qoph

Pisces - the surreal and hidden realm affect them more than any other sign of the zodiac. Their personality is more multi-layered than consistent, so the way they feel of act today can differ in the light of a new day. Because of their strong link to the hidden dimensions of existence, swings of mood, neurosis, paranoia and strung-out nerves are frequently things they may need to conquer. Their link to the unseen areas of earthly existence means that they have incredible vision, talent and creativity at their disposal. They often have dreams or hunches that prove true. Their emotions run their life more than they like to admit and their talent for covering up how they really feel often disguises some deep wounds that run within them.

Neptune is the planet of illusion, glamour, mystery, spirituality and deception.
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