Celestial Tarot - Six of Cups (Hercules)

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Celestial Tarot - Six of Cups (Hercules)

Six of Cups ~ Hercules ~

Astrological harmonic/mode - Sextile
Constellation - Hercules
Decanante - 3rd Scorpio
Decan ruler - Moon

Hercules was thought of as the personification of physical strength. The chief function of Hercules was to play the part of a protector. He is depicted as a man of mature strength, endowed with muscular power, whose head is rather small in relation to his body. Generally Hercues stands, leaning on his heavy club. In his statues and busts we observe a rather sad and severe expression, as though Hercules never knew repose. His appearance suggests that he is waiting for yet another superhuman task to fulfill. The first monster that Hercules had to exterminate was the Nemean Lion, the skin of which Eurystheus ordered him to bring back. Hercules attempted in vain to pierce the beast with his arrows, then he engaged in hand to hand and finally strangled it in his powerful grip. But he kept the skin and from it made it a garment which rendered him invulnerable. He then returned to Tiryns with his trophy. The wild boar of Erymanthus came down from Mount Erymanthus, on the borders of Acradia and Achaia, and devastated the territory of Psophis. Herucles succeded in capturing it and carried it to Tiryns. Eurystheus commanded him to fetch Cerebreus, guardian of the infernal gates. Hercules first had himself initiated into the infernal mysteries at Eleusis and then, guided by Hermes, he took the subterranean passage which descended at Cape Taenarum. He overthrew Menoetes, the herdsmen of Hades, wounded Hades himself and finally obtained the permission of Hades to carry off Cerebreus,provided that he could conquer the monster without any weapons than his bare hands. Hercules leapt on to Cerebreus and at last him mastered him by strangulation. Then he dragged the brute by the scruff of his neck back to earth, showed him to Eurystheus, and sent him back to Hades again.
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