Celestial Tarot - Two of Cups (Ursa Major)

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Celestial Tarot - Two of Cups (Ursa Major)

Two of Cups ~ Ursa Major ~

Astrological harmonic/mode - Opposition
Constellation - Ursa Major
Decanate - 2nd Cancer
Ruler of Decan - Pluto

Ursa Major involves Callisto and her son, Arcas. She vowed to be a virgin, and kept the company of Artemis in the goddess' band of the unwed maidens. Zeus assumed the form of Artemis, or in some versions her brother Apollo, and in this form raped Callisto. She grew in sized, showing the fruit of the union, which was noticed by Artemis one day when her band decided to bathe in a woodland pool. Artemis, in anger, changed her into a bear. Artemis then shot Callisto, but not before the young maiden gave birth to a son, Arcas. Zeus put her among the heavens as Ursa Major or the "Great Bear".
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