Celestial Tarot - Eight of Pentacles (Centaurus)

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Celestial Tarot - Eight of Pentacles (Centaurus)

Eight of Pentacles ~ Centaurus ~

Astrolpgical harmonic/mode - Semi-square
Constellation - Centaurus
Decanate - 2nd Virgo
Ruler of decan - Saturn

Centaurus - the centaur Chiron was the tutor of many Greek heroes, including Theseus, Achilles and Jason. Chiron taught Asclepius the medical arts. Centaurs dined on raw flesh, and in general were uncivilised bunch - lusty, boisterous and crazy about wine. Aside from the centaurs Chiron and Pholus, centaurs were considered wild, even dangerous. Chiron taught the arts of civilisation, which included reverence for the gods, the art of healing, and details about star lore. Apollo and Artemis had been his teachers.
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