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MG's Honest Opinion

Originally Posted by retrokat
Ah, the pressure! I hope it lives up to your expectations MG... How about we make a deal - you give your honest opinion here as soon as it turns up and you can tell us if it did. I'll have my fingers crossed Thank You K
Hi Kat and everyone!

i just now opened the package, and...and...you know i was really, really hoping it would be wonderful, because i promised Kat i would give my honest opinion, but...um...oh i am so bad It isn't wonderful at all! "Wonderful" is too weak of a word!!!!! It is Fantabulistic!!!! There...
i am still speechless, really. i have all my goodies sitting here by my side. i have been through a lot this past week, and getting this gorgeous package today has really, really lifted my Spirits. This is a going to be such a wonderful deck to get to know...the faces are soooo expressive...i adore my surprise gift, and all the extra goodies! My Bag is perfect--so beautiful! The card stock is wonderful and i can tell it will shuffle like a dream. Oh, and mine is #149 of 500.

Thank-you so much to: Kat, Kat's Mum, Leisa, the "Unknown Benefactor", and everyone who contributed to this wonderful artistic project. Kat, you can uncross you fingers, now!

Love and Blessings,
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Madame Squee 

Originally Posted by Kimber
I know for sure I accidentally ordered two decks because one notification refers to 154/500 and the other refers to 195/500. Oh, well - I'd rather have two than none at all!!!
Well, I also received an email for deck # 195/500. So, I guess we're going to have to wait and see how this shakes out...
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My deck 164/500 arrived today and I agree with Moongypsy...fantastic...wonderful...fabulous...ARE too weak to give this deck the description she deserves! It is so expressive and started talking as soon as I took her out of the georgeous bag that Kat's mum made for her. A regular chatter-box!!! The feel of the cards is actually like greeting an old friend...no stiffness here at all!! Leisa and Kat I can't begin to say how much this is appreciated...It is quality all the way!!!!
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It's here! It's here! Um, at least the first one of the two is (#154/500). Whoever gets #155 might have an issue, though - the signed/numbered card for #155 was also in with my signed and numbered #154. If you PM me with your mailing address, I'll send it right off to you!

And whoever ordered #195, don't panic. My fat fingers tperd "195" by mistake!!
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[And whoever ordered #195, don't panic. My fat fingers tperd "195" by mistake!![/QUOTE]

Said fat fingers at work again! How in the world did "typed" turn into "tperd"?
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Me too! Me too!

Mailed on Saturday, arrived today! Just amazing...

As others have said, the bag is just wonderful, a perfect match for the deck. The goodies are fun and useful, and the deck...how fitting this deck arrive as I am finishing up reading _The Boleyn Inheritance_ (finished _The Other Boleyn Girl_ 2 days ago), and am seeing many of the characters inhabiting the deck. My deck is # 213, which reduces to 6, the number of the Lovers card...very appropriate, given my current reading interests, I think!

Congratulations to Kat and Leisa for a fantastic limited edition package! Brava!

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All Is One 

This is torture. I have to admit that I was so proud of my restraint. I just told myself that I would wait for the MM version. Ha! So much for restraint. At some point very soon, I have to order one of the limited edition. I am only human.
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morticia monroe 

Mine just arrived and I love it...

Kat, I love your choice for the Queen of Swords! And please tell your Mama the bag is lovely.
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All Is One 

This is a good omen...Morticia happens to turn up every time I order a deck lately. Last time, when I ordered the Crone, there you were. I love that deck. Just now I ordered the Touchstone, and here you are!

Now my day is better. Having succumbed, I can now just relax and wait for the deck! I love the Golden, I can't wait to see this one.

Congratulations to Kat on the successful launch of her new baby!!!
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Got it just now and love love love it ...can't wait to show it to my tarot group Sunday
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