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Half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in luke warm water gets rid of heartburn and trapped wind instantly also good to dip your toothbrush in soda,teeth gleam and leave them feeling like you.ve just had a full dentist clean.

Drink a cupful of water that you have boiled your cabbage in,clears up any spots and purifies your blood.

And for bad patches of dry skin,ecxema or any dry skin conditions rub on honey then wrap it in clingfilm and leave on for as long as you can,scaly parts disappear and leave the skin smooth and itch free.
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Lavender, lavender

Essential oil of lavender, used neat (directly on the skin), for immediate relief of burns. Most essential oils are not for use on the skin without dilution, but lavender is an exception, and it really works.

I also use lavender face wash to clean out minor cuts and abrasions. It's mild but really healing.
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- Aloe vera is awesome stuff. Really great for putting on cuts and pimples. I find straight from the plant is better than any bottled stuff.
- Garlic oil capsules for a healthy immune system/cold and flu fighter
- Baking (bicarb) soda as a substitute for shampoo. I haven't done this for a while because I got lazy, but I went through a phase where I concluded that the chemicals in hair products/dyes were bad. It cleans the hair really well. Just mix a couple of tablespoons with water into a paste and apply to the scalp, massage in and rinse out. You really have to work it in and it takes time, but essentially all you need to wash is the hair closest to the scalp (unless you have product in the length of your hair that needs washing out). Thoroughly massaging the scalp will encourage hair growth too.
- Olive oil (a small amount, only a drop or two) on the ends of the hair if it's dry
- Best home remedy for clearing up pimples - try not to touch your face, or pick at them. I find this hard to do and still get the odd one that I pick at, but I'm trying not to. Just try and keep the face clean (the acne washes don't do anything for me, I find a plain sorbolene body/face wash or dove soap is best), and wear make up as little as possible or not at all.
- I once completely got rid of a large wart on my finger by putting raw garlic on it for a period of about 3-4 weeks. What I did was I crushed up a clove and put some of it on the wart and covered it with a bandaid, and repeated on a daily basis. The garlic is like acid (be careful to only use a tiny bit because it can burn the skin) and will eat away at the wart if you keep it covered and dry. It took a while and looked awful, but what it did was the wart became a pussy scab (which hurt too) but then started to dry up, flake off and heal over. It was a fairly large wart as warts go and didn't leave any scar.
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Yogurt (yep, the ones in the plastic cups) helps with yeast infections.

Ginger is aces for nausea. You can even just steep a medium-sized piece of ginger root in hot water, sweeten to taste (if needed) and sip it. You can buy ginger root from farmers markets, international markets (especially if you live in an area with a significant immigrant population) or maybe even Whole Foods and the like.

This may not be very natural, but...my grandmother always tore off a small piece of a paper bag, dampened it, and applied it to the middle of my forehead when I had hiccups. STrange, but it stopped them.

Garlic is great for the immune system and also helps lower cholesterol.

Witch Hazel is excellent, especially for oily skin.

Bananas are great for heartburn.

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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
Yogurt (yep, the ones in the plastic cups) helps with yeast infections.
Has to be live yoghurt though!
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Originally Posted by afrosaxon
This may not be very natural, but...my grandmother always tore off a small piece of a paper bag, dampened it, and applied it to the middle of my forehead when I had hiccups. STrange, but it stopped them. T.
that is a new one! never heard of it, but will keep it in mind and try it next time i get the hiccups!
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Yarrow (Milfoil) tea for 'women's' complaints. PMT, aches & menstrual cramps. Taken regularly it does help.

To make a cast iron pan non-stick, heat up some salt in it, moving the salt all around the surface of the pan for 5 mins on a high heat.
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Sorry, but I love that movie.....good ol' Gus.

I second afrosaxon about the ginger for nausea. My daughter used to get carsick like crazy until I had her nibble on gingersnaps before the ride. It worked.

I've never had a sore throat that gargling with warm salted water 3-4 times a day didn't cure.

Super glue will kill a wart. (They have to breathe).

When you get brain freeze, wrap your hands around your neck (wrists together, fingers pointing towards the back), and it goes away in seconds.
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Some home remedies...

1. For parasites (we used to get them when we were kids): swallow a clover of garlic.

2. For headaches: cut a potatoe in slices, put some slices in a cloth, make some sort of bandana, and put it in your forehead.

3. For nausea: hot water + lemon juice + sugar.

4. For earaches (when it's not an infection): put some warm oil inside the ear.

5. For indigestion: oregano tea.
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A mix of lemon juice and and a little dish soap is a good cleaner for rust and scum .

Oregano , olive leaf , and odorless garlic capsules are natural germ killers . I take them every day and haven't had a cold in years , or any bladder infections .

If you get a bladder infection drink an alka seltzer tablet dissolved in cranberry juice at the first sign , which is supposed to start getting rid of it immediately . (try at your own risk , no guarantees, worked for me )

Sweeping inexpensive boric acid powder under the baseboards and into cracks will act as a bug killing barrier . You can also use it to make your own ant bait killer . Supposed to be non toxic to adult humans , but I don't know about any pet effects it might have . It will also kill vegetation if you mix it with water and pour it on . Plus , it prevents wood rot .

Taking liquid calcium capsules daily really helped cut way down on my migraine headaches .

Taking vitamin B6 , folic acid , and a magnesium tablet every day elliminated my problems with premenstrual water retention and breast soreness.

You can make your own inexpensive moisturizer with a mix of vegetable shortening from the grocery store plus pure glycerin . No irritating extra additives that you will usually find in commercial creams . You can also scent it to suit yourself with fragrance oils if you want . Olive oil is also a good moisturizer that isn't full of chemicals , and it's anti-fungal too .

If you add about 1/3 water to your shampoo , it will usually be easier to work into a lather and you'll probably waste less of it in the long run .

A mix of D-con (mouse poison pellets) and peanut butter will do a great job of killing rodents . But using the Mice Cube is probably better because you have a choice of whether or not to poison them or release them , and it ensures they won't be dying in your walls . It's not a bad idea to keep one baited in an inconspicuous place just in case something ever gets in .
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