Transparent Tarot - 5 - Hierophant

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Transparent Tarot - 5 - Hierophant

The Hierophant shows a huge Oak tree.

  • represents the ability to bring great ideas into common language
  • represents that which is stable, sturdy and grounded
  • suggests that which flourishes and rises above the environment
  • may be associated with great depth and great height
  • can symbolize knowledge and belief systems or spiritual and intellectual development
  • may suggest that which connects the heavens to the earth
  • suggests the Tree of Life, which represents the return to the primordial state of perfection
  • suggests the Tree of Knowledge, which represents the knowledge of good and evil
  • symbolizes the cycle of growth, death and regeneration
  • branches suggest diversity spreading out from unity (the trunk)
  • “to be up a tree” is to be cornered, while “as a tree falls, so shall it lie” means that people shouldn’t attempt to change their beliefs or opinions just because they’re going to die

  • symbolizes strength, maturity and wisdom
  • symbolizes immortality and endurance
  • suggests protection, courage and truth
  • “great oaks from little acorns grow” means that things of great size or importance may develop from a relatively small or insignificant beginning, while “little strokes fell great oaks” means that great things can be achieved in small stages or with persistent effort

  • suggests a deep-rooted condition, belief or problem
  • may indicate a strong foundation
  • might symbolize that which draws life from its surroundings
  • “the root of the issue” is the real core of the problem, “to put down roots” means to settle down, and “no tree takes so deep a root as prejudice” means that once established, it’s very hard to get rid of prejudice, be it individual or societal

  • the image may represent that which blocks one's path or interferes with one's goal
  • the leaves may indicate that which requires follow-up (raking up dead leaves)

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Many thoughts on this card. Instantly I think back to the heirophant in the Tarot of the Sidhe, only rather than the Sidhe being our guide we have the Tree itself.

I ask myself if its important if the tree is an Oak. I love oaks, but, theres nothing overly 'oaky' about this tree. But then I dont know what other type of tree would rather be a hierophant type energy. Think of the Oak Men in Frouds Faeries and you get this card.

The tree is like the priest, the intermediary between Divinity and humanity. He speaks of what has gone before, of tradition and history. They remember the times of glory and the times of hardship. I like the idea of the Heirophant being a Bard, sharing the stories of the tribe and the gods, talking of them as metaphors for how to connect to the magic of the land, the gods and the spirit of the tribe.

A tree lacks the ability to move. When a tree has grown to the size of the Oak it will always be in the landscape. So, that means that the heirophant is there if we want to talk, to have a sounding board or hear our 'confessional', always ready to listen, never seeking us out to patronise and tell us how to live our lives. Theres nothing evangelical or overbearing about this card.. I mean, hes just a tree!

The HPS talks to us about being still and listening within, the HP is about talking allow and listening to yourself think. I can see how many times someone has gone walking, muttering about a problem and in expressing the problem they have find a solution, or just feel better.
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