Transparent Tarot - 13 - Death

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Transparent Tarot - 13 - Death

Death shows a scythe cutting through a field of wheat.

  • represents that which transforms
  • symbol of the harvest, which implies death and subsequent rebirth

  • may indicate the need to harvest what one has sown
  • suggests fertility, growth and rebirth

  • a symbol of fulfillment
  • represents abundance

  • suggests death or mortality
  • “as you sow, so shall you reap” means that the way one behaves determines what will happen to one in the future

Proverbs and Metaphors Surrounding Death
  • “better death than dishonor” means that people should be prepared to give up their lives to avoid dishonor
  • “death is the great leveler” means that people of all ranks and classes are equal in death, and no one is exempt from dying
  • “death keeps no calendar” means that death can happen at any time
  • “every door may be shut but death’s door” means that death comes to everyone and is the only thing in life over which man has no control
  • “the good that men do lives on after them” means that people are remembered after their deaths for the good things that they do during their lives
  • “it’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees” means that it’s better to be killed in active resistance, or while fighting for a cause, than to surrender and be condemned to a life of servitude
  • “let the dead bury the dead” means to not concern oneself with things that are past and gone

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