Transparent Tarot - 14 - Temperance

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Transparent Tarot - 14 - Temperance

Temperance shows a rainbow connecting a ball of fire on the left to a chalice full of water on the right.

  • symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth
  • represents a bridge between the natural and supernatural worlds
  • in Greek mythology, the rainbow goddess Iris carried messages to earth from Zeus and Hera
  • suggests different states of consciousness
  • represents divine benevolence
  • can signify the end of a problem

  • that which overcomes, purifies, destroys, consumes or transforms
  • that which inflames a person or a situation
  • a burning issue
  • considered to be a male, active element; one of the two great principles of the universe
  • represents truth and knowledge as the consumer of lies, ignorance, illusion and death
  • metaphors concerning fire
    1. “to play with fire” is to take risks
    2. “to go through fire and water,” “to be under fire,” and “a trial by fire” all mean to experience great difficulties
    3. “to inflame the fires” is to arouse desire or sexuality
    4. “to set the world on fire” is to become very successful
    5. “fire is a good servant but a bad master” means that fire is very useful when it is under control, but highly dangerous when it takes control
    6. “if you play with fire, you get burned” means that if you engage in dangerous activities, mix with dangerous people, and the like, you are likely to suffer harm

  • considered to be a feminine, passive element; one of the two great principles of the universe
  • a symbol of bodily, emotional and spiritual cleansing and the power of renewal
  • represents fertility and life
  • suggests purity and purification
  • indicates the source of all potentialities, that which is undifferentiated or unmanifest
  • can symbolize the deeper layers of the psyche
  • metaphors concerning water
    1. “dirty water will quench fire” means that one can’t afford to be too fastidious at a time of great necessity
    2. “don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim” means that one shouldn’t put themselves in a difficult or dangerous situation until they’re capable of handling it
    3. “don’t throw away your dirty water until you get clean” means that it’s advisable to keep what one has, however unacceptable it may be, until one is sure that they can replace it with something better

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