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Buying from shop or through

sorry if this is a stupid question
I came to think about it and feel maybe I can ask here

is it better to buy from than directly from the shop at their own webshop?
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I have used both with no problems other than timescale might be slightly longer. This isnt a problem for me but, to make sure the deliveries are safe I always check feedback and make sure that it isnt new feedback only at 100%. If you are worried about a webshop check others reviews before using them.

hope it helps
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If I can get it through Amazon then I will, mainly because I don't like to spread my card details around the web - with the market place sellers, I check their ratings and feedback before deciding whether to order from them, but I have a couple of trusted market place sellers that I prefer to order from if I can't get it direct from Amazon.
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they're both fine with me, but i prefer Amazon since they can track my parcels...

check on their feedback and ratings, to make sure the shop is trustworthy ^_^

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Shops are better if possible, you'll always get better service in person.
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I prefer the 'personal' touch of a website. Sometimes I may look at any Amazon
ratings but I like to deal directly. Such fun to be buying decks anywhere
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i have had good service and price from the sellers and hate the amazon delivery charge, they also seem to be quicker at delivery then from amazon. some also do bulk sales which save you money
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Do they sell worldwide?
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Tansey Ella 

I really like Amazon b/c they have that guarantee . It covers marketplace sellers too. I too check the feedback for the seller and if their percentage drops into the 80 percentile, I do not buy from them unless they are the only person selling what I want. Anyone who sells a lot will have a few mess ups, it is how they handle them that counts. If I see a seller take responsibility and offer prompt refund, I am fine with buying from them. I have been buying from amazon for over 6 yrs and can count on one hand the number of times were amazon had to help out. But amazon is there if you need them. Their feedback system is excellent to alert buyers.
Also I seldom buy from sellers who do not allow contact with them. ( you know the place where it says, "contact seller" and there is no way to) If they do not answer questions I will not buy from them unless the item is very usual and that is when I count on amazon for "back" . I really do read the feedback. It is definitely worth your time.
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Me, I have problems with Amazon. They sent me a big parcel of books, which should have been here a lot faster than they were, and I ordered a deck of cards from them which has just never arrived. So now, I'm thinking that I'll go through the actual webshops, rather than Amazon. :/
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