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The Labryinth Tarot - by Luis Royo - Study Group

I would like to start a study group for The Labryinth Tarot - By Luis Royo -

I had noticed that there is no study group for this deck, let alone any posts of this deck. curious as to why there is very little info about this deck in forum and on the net.

So if there is anyone interested please post a reply and maybe Sulis will start a study group in the index for us.

here is an old post from Jan 2005.

Originally Posted by Aleela
Royo's "Labyrinth Tarot" is out in book form, but the cards are not out yet apparently. The publisher is Heavy Metal.

The book comes in 2 versions, a hardcover without dustjacket ($24.95), and a deluxe, limited edition hardcover ($39.95) that is cloth bound, gilt-stamped on the spine and cover, with a 4-color dustjacket and a beautiful signed print (a toned pencil drawing of a nude priestess holding a deck of cards).

The Major Arcana has been completely re-envisioned since his "Black Tarot," drawing on various esoteric traditions, tarot symbolism, astrology, numerology, the Hebrew alphabet, and more. The figures are delicately drawn using what appears to be ink wash and watercolors, and many of them are nude or semi-nude ladies (Royo's strength, artistically). The colors are muted and somewhat somber.

The Minor Arcana are depicted similarly to his previous deck (The Black Tarot), with the pips illustrated only by the basic symbol (chalice, shield, sword, staff), the court cards with people. Royo has chosen to depict the Jacks as females, playing again to his artistic preference and strength.

In my opinion it's a beautiful interpretation--visually. Royo's written interpretations seem a little chaotic at times, as if he's trying to bring in too many ideas. But judge for yourself!

I work at Bud Plant Comic Art and we are selling both editions. Our scans should be up soon. Another US source I found on the web is Mile High Comics (no scans). A couple of European vendors have it (with cover scans shown) if you want to do a Google search.

Aleela (newbie)
here is the link to the full post with reguard to the deck.


These are the only link I found here on the forum site, they were buried in the library.
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