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my name


Sarah English is my first name, like Bobby Sue, you say the whole thing. Its a pain to write, so call me SE if you dont want to write it all out.
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Originally posted by sarahenglish
Thanks Jewel. I got the 3 card spread pretty figured out I think. And the cards continue to reveal themselves. My dad showed his miserly side big time today! It was the cards I listed in the first post on this thread. I was being a little obtuse about translating the same 3 cards to different meanings like the book talked about. Ie: Body Mind Spirit / Past Present Future/ Child Parent Adult/ etc.
I'll look for the thread you referred to and print it out for future use.
Sorry about the name thing, it was the length that made me cut it *LOL*.

When we originally did this exercise we went through each of them, so if there are any you had trouble with let us know. Kaz provided you with the exact format we used in her post in reply to this thread.
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