The Labryinth Tarot - by Luis Royo - Info on deciphering the PIP cards

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Info on deciphering the pip cards.

I have only been rediscouvering the Labryinth Tarot for only a few weeks. Yet I have own this deck since 2005. purchased on June 04. 05 I finally purchase the companion exclusive Book with signed print June 04, 2009. Reason that this deck laid in my huge Cedar trunk for years is that, I was just as confused as everyone else, (read reviews of the deck) for the Minor Arcana, were depicted with colors that at first really didn't make much sense. Cup - red, Wands - green. Swords - blue, Pentacles - gold. Then one day, as I was going through my trunk of tarot decks I came across this beautiful deck, pulled it out of the trunk brought it upstairs, looked at every card, and found that I was extremely attracted to it again. kept it on my dinning room table for days, and just looked at it. Then my daughter came over, now She is a very sensitive person, she has a gift, that I couldn't discribe to you. I asked her if she could help me out. she said yes. I asked her to take her time a look carefully at each card and to tell me what she sees.(her gift) mind sight. She is very young in her teens, knows nothing of the Tarot. She then started to talk and tell me what she (gift) told her to tell me. In her innocent child like ways, using simple words. she says. " mom you are reading it wrong. the deck in not what you think it is, the green cards are nature, growth. the Red cards passion anger, the blue cards, are feelings that are created by the mind, the Gold cards are gold, rich shinny, all the things we think about wanting and not always getting.

So then I asked her to tell me which element ( A - W- E- F) would she give to the cards. She said Wands earthy, Cups firery, Swords watery emotions, Pentacles Airy Thoughts of wants and needs to get to where you want to be in life.

She then gave me insight again (gift) Mom when reading the numbered cards don't read them as you do, read them as in color, the color tells you what it is that your to read from them.

I Then said okay.

The next day I put the order in for the book.
The book arrived on June 04, 2009, I was very excited, I spent days reading the book enjoying it. then it dawned on me. I said to my self "hey wait a minute" my daughter was right on the money. So I will show you how she was correct.

There are also symbols on some of the cards that are not correct. therefore my daughter again was correct, that I was reading them wrong. as in systems - elemental, and astrology. they weren't really supposed to be read with those, and that I am guessing, that my daughter's gift picking up on that, the errors on the cards.

So now I will explain the suits for maybe it might clear up some of your confusion, if you have some about the cards and suit associations with colors.

The Suit that Starts the Minor Arcana, which is different than other decks, is Pentacles, why, well Luis Royo says in The World Card - The magic crown called "the World" this card gives way to the minor arcana via the Pentacles, it speaks of absolute truths that have no need of protection, supreme manifestation of mental perception. ( daughter correct with - AIR)

or maybe it could mean Earth of Air for the suit?

Pentacles - power, protection, wealth, not only on a material level, but also of intellect and technigue {quote Luis Royo}

Color Symbol - Mary k. Greer
Gold = harvest, riches, glory, wisdom, truth, perfection, uncorruptibility, greed.

Cards within the Pip with symbol errors or maybe luis royo wanted it that way.

Knight = symbol of Aries and Aquarius
2nd in line after Pentacles:

Suit of Cups - Red - the sacred goblet - they are also about passion, instinct, brings harmony between man and his world. it contains the elixir of life, is what brings the seed to life so that it will sp0rout up from the ground. This is the Queen of will power, given over to the senses. (Vessel - filled with anarchic vapours - a mixture of passion, apathy, infidelity, sensuality, aggressiveness. will provoke FIRE.

Water of Fire - maybe

(Cauldron of intoxicating light) the heat from the cup and heart determine the laws. (Vapors of Art) senses and feelings.

Love, imagination, joy, peace emotional development, the unconscious, dreams, senses.

Color Symbol - Mary k. Greer
Red = passion, life-force, will, desire, courage, initiative.

Cards with symbol errors
Court cards - Knight - Virgo, Cancer, Leo
PIPs - 8, 9, 10. have the symbol Aries, but in text of the book is Pisces
Ace - Aries symbol
3rd in line after cups

Suit of Swords - Blue - "Ruwach" in Hebrew means "Spirit". swords take us to the essence of our soul to the matter, but also clearly to death. Discovery of the "Self" emotions, determination, discovery of the centre. Spiritual and Self sufficient.

Color symbol - Mary K. Greer
Blue, truth, spirituality, calmness, peace, serenity, heavenly, fidelity, cold, melancholy, depression. (Moods - which are to me expressed by emotions)

Air of Water - possiably

Symbol on Cards (errors)
Knight - Sagittarius - Fire Sign
PIP cards - 8, 9, 10 - Pisces symbol instead of Gemini
Ace - Sagittarius - instead of Gemini

4th in line and last of the Suits

Suit of Wands - Green - refers to the power of nature, its renovation and growth, hope, regeneration, jeolousy. But also linked to fire, the divine spark of creative imagination, work, authority, power, energy, justice, force, success, fertilitiy. We Grow and develop our inner self with the wand, we can climb the ladder of life in safety. They tell us of betrayal, the family, and authority.

Fire of earth

Green - Mary K. Greer
nature, growth, hope, jeolousy, bruised, vegetation, envy, sluggishness.

Astrological symbols (error) on these Cards:
Court Cards. Jack, Knight, Queen, King - have symbol of Pisces.

yet Luis Royo - has Aries, in his text/book no on the illustrations

PIP cards
Ace, 2, 3, 4, symbol on card - Pisces

2, 3, 4, in book text written Aries.

There we go....I hope this has led some insight for you to the cards. So what I have been practicing which is a new method for me. is to follow my daughter insight and go with the colors, not the element, using numerology to the pip far it was a bit of challenge at first, it is starting to get easier the more I work with the Minor Arcana. I have given my deck a new name ( "The Spiritual War Deck ) due to the pip card illustrations of Ancient War/Battle weapons.

Please send me feed back with your thoughts, and insights as to what I have posted, maybe you may have an easier more effective method you might wish to share with me and others.

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More info from the LWB and the BOOK

Originally Posted by LWB
The meanings of the cards in the sense of their interpretation, leaving aside all the studies and books on tarot, which tend to be directed towards more sentimental areas, crude advice, and simplistic material concepts.
Luis Royo - to me seems very complex, I am wandering why he feels that way about the tarot, and to say that above in Quote?

What do any of you think?

Originally Posted by Book
The book discusses it's symbolism, communications and relations to esoteric knowledge as well as the different theories of it's orgins. This tarot respectfully maintains the symbolism of the marseilles deck. Within the tarot deck range one can find well-know hermetic and egyptain symbolism
Well to me the book didn't really get into the orgins, I personally found more info in the book Mystical Orgins of the tarot. Yes, I did do some comparisions of the Labryinth tarot with the Marseilles deck, he somewhat was close in the major arcana cards, but not with the pips or court cards. the only card that to me seems egyptain is the wheel of fortune card. I also found more errors in the symbols illustrated on the cards, more so in the Minor Arcana. Overall this deck is gorgeious, his art is out of this world.

What's your take?
post your thoughts.
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Well I am a happy person today, I have somewhat verified at least the elements for the suits. How did I come to this conclusion. Well I was browsing the forum for non illustrated pips and numerology with association to astrology. someone was so kind to have posted this link:

So here in this table, I was then able to confirm Luis Royo's - colors used in suite and why.

Pentacles -
Element - earth
Color - Gold

Luis Royo did combine Earth of Air
Luis - shows this small hint in his pips - I will list the pips to show you.

2 of Pentacles - Capricorn - Dec 22 - 30, Devil, Queen of Pentacles.
3 of Pentacles - Capricorn - Dec 31 - Jan 9, Devil, Queen of Pentacles.
4 of Pentacles - Capricorn - Jan 10 - 19, Devil, King of Swords (AIR)

5 of Pentacles - Taurus - Apr 21 -30 , Hierophant, King of Pentacles
6 of Pentacles - Taurus - May 1 - 10, Hierophant, King of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles - Taurus - May 11 - 20, Hierophant, Knight of Swords (AIR)

10 of Pentacles - Virgo - Sept 12 - 22, Hermit, Queen of Swords (AIR)

Cups -
Element - Water
Color - Red

Luis Royo did combine Water of Fire

4 of Cups - Cancer - July 12 - 21. Chariot, King of Wands (FIRE)
7 of Cups - Scorpio - Nov 13 -22, Chariot, Knight of Wands (FIRE)
10 of Cups - Pisces - Mar 11 - 20, Moon, Queen of Wands (FIRE) - another clue that I thought was just an error on the card it's self was the symbol of Aries. hhhhh yes that is an error of symbol for the zodiac sign of that card, but not for the element of the card (fire).

Swords -
Element - Air
Color - Blue

Luis Royo did combine Air of Water

4 of Swords - King of Cups -
7 of Swords - Knight of Cups -
10 of Swords - Queen of Cups -

due view the link and cross reference.


Element - Fire
Color - Green

Luis Royo did combine Fire of earth

4 of Wands - King of Pentacles
7 of Wands - Knight of Pentacles
10 of Wands - Queen of Pentacles


Now I just need to figure out the Plantary correspandence of the pip cards. I would appreciate some help. for his system is different.

I will post Luis Royo's Planetary correspondences of the Major Arcana, somewhat of a different system than what I have found here in the forum threads.
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