advice for a newbie learning tarot with this deck?

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advice for a newbie learning tarot with this deck?

I am a newbie and am using this deck. Has anyone else learned to read tarot cards using the gilded tarot deck? did you find it easy or difficult?

could anyone suggest some easy exercises for a beginner? I am using the book that came with my cards but looking for some others too. thanks so much!
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Smile Me too

Hi rainbowmoon,

I'm also a newbie too. I just bought this deck today. I've had my eye on this deck the first time i previewed it here on aeclectic, the artwork impressed me and the colors are so vibrant. I went to the book store and looked on the top shelf and there it was. So i can actually say this is my first tarot deck. I have alot of oracle decks from Doreen Virtue. I am wondering if this is a good deck for beginners, if its easy or difficult. Let me know how its working for you rainbowmoon.

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Hello rainbowmoon, I have the Gilded and found this thread a huge help

Good luck on your Tarot journey
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When I first got this deck I loved it so much and realized that any newbie could use this deck provided that they like the style.

I've heard some people say they didn't think it would be good for a beginner but I think it's a perfect one if you can connect with it.
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I would have to agree...if you like the style and can connect to it, then it is a great deck to learn on.... I did.... I prefer illustrated pips as opposed to just 7 swords on a card. I find it easier because the illustrations remind me of the meaning of the card, especially if you read the little white book that comes with the cards, which will tell you what the imagery represents.
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This is the deck that I am learning on and feel the imagery really speaks to me. I also have a full size paper back that came with it call Beginners Guide to Tarot....I love this book as It puts a positive spin on the cards. Even the more negative cards you get the message that all hope is not lost and you are the captain of your destiny....I really like that...
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Sorry, I also meant to say that you can also tell by the images that the cards are geared towards a more positive out look.For instance, The Devil card is not as creepy or menacing looking as in some other decks....You see this flow through out the cards...
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I have been learning the tarot for a while now and with this deck I have discovered what "connecting with your cards" means. I think it is a great deck and have found it really easy to use. I love the colours and striking pictures.

I hope you all enjoy this deck as much as I do.

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My best advice to give you newbies is to just follow the images, go with what you feel and what comes into your head. The pictures will tell you the story.
I have got this deck, i use a few different decks at the moment and on each of them i just go by the pictures and its always gave accurate readings for my clients with great feedback.
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I agree, this deck is great for all levels of readers. This is my all time favorite deck, don't get me wrong I love my rider waite as well but it's nice to go back and forth to shake things up a bit. Lol yeah I have the book as well very wonderful information and I love the authors version on the celtic cross.
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