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Deviant Moon Tarot--Page of Swords

The Page of Swords walks with his sword in his left hand. It's not the full sword of an adult warrior, but a smaller version (a starter sword, I guess). He is dressed in red and gold, from head to toe. His left eyes emits a beam of light that seems to shine directly on the sword...but is he staring at the sword and not paying attention to where he's going?

The light from his eye, especially staring at the blade...seeking knowledge and illumination? And is he really staring at the blade?

This page is the most dressed up of all of the pages...his finery is, well...refined LOL He looks more educated, if you will, and truly like minor royalty (I can see him named the Prince of Swords!).


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This page keeps his eye on the facts. He is undeterred in his quest for further information. He always on the look out for more understanding, more knowledge
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Yes, he is moving forward, guided by his vision. The sword is firmly held in hand - upright and in fornt of him, ready to use if necessary.
His telescope eye shines like a head light, he is able to see where ever it shines. Although his vision is clear, the light illuminates only what he wants to see, he may be missing things outside of his vision. Although he can see clearly, he may not have the whole picture.
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I've always known one of the traditional meanings of this Page to be "spying"...perhaps even voyeurism. But I'd definately say he's got a narrow range of vison.

One of the things that I've sort of held about the pages is that they represent people who have not yet really mastered the use of their "weapon"...depending on here, it would be someone who is not a master of "swordplay" which is, on the most obvious level, the intellect. Perhaps an immature mind.

On another level, sexual immaturity or even disfunction. A little tantric discipline (or a very patient lover) might help this page "grow up" a little bit; meantime he "looks" at every PYT that walks by!
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This page makes me think of projection and perception.

Where do we shine our light? Where do we choose to direct our attention, and what do we miss as we do so? Do we see what we expect to see, or do we see what's really there?
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As per the LWB it seems he is good at what he does, although others may not realize it:

The young page roams the city. He is skilled in perceiving hidden truths and secrets, however he is often underestimated due to his youth.
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