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Klimt Tarot Study Group - 8 of Pentacles

At first glance, we have a couple waiting in anticipation of their unborn child. They are both naked, and looking down at her large stomach. She seems to be leaning on his chest and shoulder for support, as he wraps his arm around her. Their eyes are closed.

She looks both peaceful and in pain at once. This reminds me of the fact that, in many cultures, childbirth was done from a standing or squatting position. Although she does not appear to be in full on labor, she could easily be feeling the first contractions, as her belly is full enough to be at the nine month mark.

Her skin is pale, with a slight flush to her cheeks, matching her short and puffy hair. His hair is puffy too, but dark brown, and his skin is darker, almost gray. He seems to have a slight glow around his head too. Could he be a spirit, of the father of her child perhaps? Real or imagined, she relies on this man for comfort and support, to help her through her difficult work.

The Pentacles on this card are spread out. Two appear to the top right, in the starry sky. The other six are to the left, along a wooden panel, in two groups of three. The work has separate stages of completion, beginning - middle - end? This suggests the transition to the Nine of Pentacles, as the top group are 'missing' the third pentacle.

Possible meanings? Hard work, some of which is your own doing, some of which is brought on by nature/outside forces/past choices. Getting support from others, when you are the only one who can actually do the work. Waiting patiently for the right time to act, and then giving it all you've got. Accepting yourself for conflicted emotions about your task at hand. Planning for the future while you still have time.

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