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Jet Aluna 
Cat's Eye Tarot

I don't know if you all have seen this, but it's a deck in progress that I think is pretty special. The artist is a cats only veterinarian and lover of the Tarot... There's room for another cat deck, right? The majors are almost done...


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Yes, there's always room for another cat deck, especially this one -- it is gorgeous and is definitely on my wish list. Thanks for the "heads up," Greyhound!
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Little Baron 

Love the Temperance yin-yang kitties and the chariot. Very clever.

Y ***
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Lady Eclipse 


What lovely cards! Of course there's room for a deck like this. I'm putting it on my wish list too. :-) Thank you for the link.

Joy to you,
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Great deck :-)

Oh, they are just lovely. My own cat looks like a cross between the kitty on the High Priestess card and the kitty on the Empress one. lol. I used to think she was a Balinese mix but now my hubby and I think she is a Turkish Angora mixed with Siamese. Anyway, I would buy this deck! :-)
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I'm not really a deck collector (only have 4 ...Tarots, and a few (have not counted) Oracle decks), but this one really appeals to me!

Will we get to know where to order it when finished? (I don't know, those cards just speak to me... Hmmm - I'm n-not developing into a Tarotaholic, am I? See this would be the first deck I'd buy in a very very long time (like 6 years, or so?)

Light and Love
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It is enormously gratifying to read your positive comments about my cat's eye tarot. I am quite flattered that Greyhound felt that sharing a link to the card images she has posted on her own personal web site would be of interest to those of you at aeclectic tarot. I know that there are many very accomplished tarot artists who participate in the forums here. :-)

I have actually been a registered member here for a while now, but I have been a rare poster of messages. I often visit and read the deck reviews and throughly enjoy many of the discussion threads. Frequently any thought I would add to a discussion is expressed so eloquently by one of the many members here, I seldom feel the need to add my two cents worth.

Reading discussions in the deck creation forum, I know that I am not alone in my dreams of completing a personal deck and having that deck receive accolades from those who share my passion for the tarot. To have a copy of my deck produced by a professional publishing house such that I could purchase one for myself, open it for the first time, remove the cellophane wrap ,and feel that glossy quality card stock as I look at each of the images, smell that new card smell.........ummm that would tickle me no end ;-). To have other tarot enthusiasts enjoy the deck also, now there is a lofty ambition.

The outline for a complete deck of 78 cards was created at the outset, and many of the remaining 56 images already exist in my mind's eye and need only make their way to the watercolor paper. I have read the submission guide lines provided by Llewelyn and US games by following the links posted hear. I do believe I will give it a go. (the thread about handling criticism was helpful for building up the confidece to at least try..)

This has become a long thank you, so again thank you for your comments. I shall perhaps become a more active participant on this forum as I seek guidance in this creative pursuit.

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Cat's Eye Tarot

I KNEW my cat was The Hierophant! This deck confirms it! LOL


My compliments on a deck that I will order in a heartbeat as soon as it is complete. The world cannot have too many cat decks... at least not when they are good ones like this! :-)



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I love it! Please, please let us know when it is done!!!
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Deb, I love the cards you've done so far and eagerly await the day when your beautiful tarot is completed -- I will be among your first purchasers.
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