Tarot for Yourself - Chpt. 5 Court Card Personalities

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omg, sarah, this was great stuff, i was lmao behind me screen here.
thats why i cant do them conversations, you all have a way with words i dont have in another language :-(

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Thanks Kaz, here's something else to make you chuckle. I just looked back in the book to find my Inner Teacher Court Card and it is none other than the King of Pentacles, the one I felt uncomfortable with. How's that for a kick in the ol' bow tie! These cards are simply amazing to me.
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*ROFLMAO* SE that was fantastic!!!!! Perhaps the endeavor you should take on is writing short stories using Tarot cards (draw cards and write stories based on what you draw). You are really talented!!!!

Kaz, chin up, you have not posted one yet. Remeber, we are always our own worst critic! I know you can do it!!!!

I will try to post mine early next week
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Blushing, Blushing!!
Thanks Jewel!
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I feel I definetly need to learn more, so I'm sneaking my way into this thread, albeit 5 chapters too late!

Using: Hanson-Roberts deck.

1. Which card are you most attracted to?
I feel the most bonding with the Page of Swords. She seems focussed, intelligent and daring. She has a piercing stare, and a self-confidence that is easy to like.

2. Which card would you like to avoid?
I cannot feel any attraction to the Knight of Rods. He seems to fully immersed in his own quest, his golden armour shining, and his horse taking him away. He may feel like he is riding the quest for someone other than himself, but in doing so he has turned his back on me.

3. Which card do you feel the most comfortable with?
Queen of Swords. There is something in her coldness that shows warmth.

4. Which card do you feel talkative towards?
The Queen of Rods seems a gentle figure, down to earth, and accepting of any differences between herself and me. Her cat and flower are well cared for, and her subtle smile shows a comforting amusement at my presence.

5. Which card do you feel secrecy and solitude about?
The King of Pentacles. His preoccupation with his own affairs, and deep worry is too private to share with anyone, let alone trust them.

6. Which cards seem aloof or rude?
Queen of Pentacles
Knight of Rods
King of Rods
King of Pentacles
Page of Rods
Knight of Swords
Queen of Cups

7. Which cards do you feel welcomed and warmed by?
Queen of Rods
Page of Swords
King of Cups
Knight of Cups
Page of Cups
Page of Pentacles
Knight of Pentacles
King of Swords
Queen of Swords

dialogue...eesh, its hard to choose!
I have selected the Page of Cups and the Knight of Swords for
my dialogue

The Knight has returned from a hard day of campaigning with the King of Cups and his army, as part of the Suits-Exchange arrangement...Having removed nothing but his helm and shield, he sits in the garden to collect his thoughts.
The Page of Cups happens to pass by, and stops
PC: *looking abashed*

PC: *Still looking abashed*
KS: *looking up*. " Can I help you in some way, esquire?"
PC: *Stuttering*" A.A..Are you the b.brave Knight of Swords, m'Lord?"
KS: "I most certainly was the last time I checked, my girl. Have you perhaps heard of me, in this distant land?"
PC: "Why yes, Sir Knight Sir. I always listen to...to the King's speeches when I attend upon him, and he frequently mentions your legendary exploits. Why..."
KS: "Go on..."
PC: "Why, I was so enraptured by the stories of your bravery, I spilt wine all over His Majesty's side of beef..."
KS: *Laughs*
PC: *blushes*" I fear that I ever let my mind wander..."
KS: " To be honest, the Dragon of Blue Crag was nothing more than a big lizard, really...Quite a dumb beast, though troublesome to the ordinary peasant. As soon as I heard of its presence, I saddled my valiant Warhorse and set out to vanquish the beast. Done by teatime. Rather a pitiful affair, really."
PC: *flushes*" And now you retire to the gardens, to admire their beauty, and compose poetry with your skilful mind?"
KS: *snorts*"Poetry? Pah! I came out here to think about bravery."
PC: *blushes again* " Forgive me, m'Lord. I have dabbled with poetry myself, though I am only passing fair, since I head my King name it as one of the Knightly virtues..."
KS: *under breath* "sentimental old fool..."
PC: ...and after all, I hope..."
KS: *breathes on vambrace and begins polishing* "Yes?"
PC: "I hope one day to become a knight myself, sir"
KS: *chokes, Laughs, and chokes even harder* " A Knight!? You? By God girl, you haven't the strength to lift my cuirass, never mind my Sword!"

servant enters..."Sir Knight! The Black Dragon has left its lair, and is terrorising the villagers North of the City!"

KS: *rising rapidly* "Then I must go forth, and destroy it! Fetch my warhorse! Sound the Bugles!..."
KS: *exits*

PC: *looks at servant* "Tell me, man. Is not the Black Dragon some five hundred feet in length, and possessed of a breath of lightning, and claws of steel?"
Servant: "Why yes, milady"
PC: *flushes* "How Brave!"

I'm not cynical, really!
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here is mine....

king of pents and queen of cups (KP & QC)

KP comes home on friday after a whole week of being away on a bussiness trip full of profitable negotiations.......

KP: honey, i am home.......
QC: finally, i missed ya
dinner is cooking and will be ready in half an hour, i was planning on us having a nice candlelight dinner for just the two of us........
KP: hmmmm, i hate to spoil your plans, but you better turn of the stove. i have a bussinessdinner tonight with people from a company that looks great for a takeover, and i need you with me.
QC: oh no, you can't be serious, not after a whole week of being away for bussiness......
KP: yes i am, and we are going to that new hot place downtown, so i want you to look your very best.
QC: damn you !!!
KP: don't forget to put on that necklace and bracelet i bought you last month......

down at the restaurant

KP: let's dance honey....
QC: you just wanna show off with me, looking pretty for your bussinessfriends, smooching them up.
KP: now, we are NOT going to fight here over this, let's DANCE

ordering dinner

KP: i will have the roastbeef and for my wife the same.....
QC: no, no i don't eat red meat, i'd rather have the smoked salmon....
KP: for my wife also the roastbeef, and a bottle of your best red wine.
QC: you know i don't drink !!!
KP: yes, you do tonight.....

later, home again

QC: you are such a selfrightious male chauvinist pig, the only thing you care about is you and your bussiness, i am nothing more to you than just an asset, a statussymbol, a doll you want to dress as you like and put jewelry on as a christmastree.
the one kid we have is not enough, as you want the average 2.5 and a dog and a big house, just for status.
sex is also just for your own pleasure, as long as you are satisfied.
i have had it with you, i am sick and tired of providing every one of your needs.....!!!!

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Kaz: i don't know what you were worried about; that was great! no wonder I don't particularly like the King of Pentacles

Malachite: Glad you could join us! As you can probably tell, we're having a great time working thru this book.

Everybody: sorry I haven't written much recently. I've been helping a friend paint the house she's moving into, and haven't had much time for tarot study. But never fear, we're almost done, so I'll be back and better than ever in a few days!

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Three Cheers for Kaz and Malachite! Well done!!
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Malachite, welcome!!!!

Kaz you did GREAT!!!! I was right! you were just being to hard on yourself!

Nepaisiti take your time, Kaz and I do *LOL*.

Yes, I still owe you all my homework ... would you believe me if I told you the dog ate it?
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