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Introspection Spread

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Introspection Spread


Card One; Where your mind rests right now.
What ever issue seems to surface the most. This card should be quite forward and simplistic, and if your mind tells you to draw a couple more cards, do it, just so we can clearly see everything on the table.
Card Two; The subconcious thoughts.
Okay, now what's REALLY bugging you? What does this all tie into. This card may need more looking into than the previous card.

For example, getting a D- on a paper would prolly fall into card one, but the real issue (card two) would be you trying to get into college, or not living up to your parent's standards. Just thought I'd throw in the differences here in case any one gets confused.

Card Three; Where you're honest with yourself/ Card Four; Where you're decieving yourself
Let's be honest, we're all a bunch of liars (writing that down for a possible song name cause that's just awesome) especially with ourselves. Luckily this is where tarot steps in. You know that one friend who's constantly telling you things you don't want to hear because you need to hear it? Yeah, that's tarot.

Card Five; What you fail to see in yourself
This card represents your hidden potential. This is what everyone sees in you, and tells you about, but you refuse to acknowledge. If you're feeling down write down everything this card makes you think of and sleep on it overnight. You may be surprised.

Card Six; What you fail to realize
This card may not be straight forward. Expect to take some time. This could be a personal truth, a situation that needs your attention, someone important you may meet sometime. Go with your gut on this.

Card Seven; What others fail to see in you
Shrek's like an onion, and you know what? So am I. So are you. This card represents the layers the outside world can't see. Don't be surprised if this is something you've failed to notice as well. The hardest person to understand is yourself.

Card Eight and Nine; The final result. Take it or leave it.
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