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Originally Posted by juliecucciawatts View Post
The idea for the 3 of Swords came thru before 9/11 actually struck. This was the idea just coming thru. After 9/11 actually happened I could not bring myself to actually paint this picture. I put all the canvases away and took a two year break from all things tarot. By September of 2003 I realized the whole 9/11 thing was an inside job I was angry and I also realized there was no real danger out there. I had contracted rheumatoid arthritis the month after the towers fell and noted the symptoms of the self fighting against the self. As I began painting again I slowly recovered from the RA a full recovery. As I worked on the 3 the idea of adding the 3 religious symbols occurred to me, it was a reflection of my anger for what had happened because these doctrines seemed to be at the root of world problems. The 3 of Swords in Journey into Egypt is more about protecting the heart. The heart which was known to the ancient Egyptians as 'mother' it was the one organ that would betray an untruth or a lie to the self.
Wow- thanks for the insight Julie. I very much look forward to comparing the 3's between the Maat and the new deck. I can honestly say, I have never had a card strike me quite as hard as this one- it is a phenomenal card
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